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  2. Message me if you want to be friends! LOVE YOU GUYS

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  4. Well darn... I was expecting a b-day message for me, on 9/14, but apparently it got cleared out... :(

    1. Micheboo


      Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. I keep looking for signs of life on the site, but it seems like it's already abandoned.

    1. Colonel Thundercrunch

      Colonel Thundercrunch

      When the closure was announced most people had moved on. So those who dropped by to check on things just left a sadface and left again.

    2. Micheboo


      The site will be gone by the end of the month, so it does not really matter anymore.

    3. BluePaw


      I've been checking almost daily for any responses by people who wish to keep in touch with me. :(

  6. Stepping into the Dip

    Like some others have said, I popped back in today because I was suddenly reminded on this site and... wow. I'm so glad I did. It's so surreal; this site has stuck around for so long that I just expected it to keep existing. Really took for granted just how amazing it is that the site is still here at all. It's crazy to think that I first joined 9 years ago. These forums were really a major part of my life growing up. I spent so much time absorbed in all the different stories and even managed to write some of my own. I'll never forget how amazing it felt to finally finish Toon Slingshot, and I really regret not being able to finish any of the other stories I started. Even when I came back and started Evolve... I fell back into my old habits, and then avoided this place out of shame. (A bit ironic considering that was a theme I wanted to address in that story. Oops.) But, in the end, I'm very lucky that all my friends have stuck around in my absence. Butterfly, Colonel, DoctorDusty, Joy, Roxy... I appreciate all of you, and I hope to keep in touch. And, hopefully, sometime soon I'll hopefully be able to write a continuation to the story you guys have been waiting over a year for.
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  8. final life update

    Shh! b: I check the thing pretty much once in a blue moon since I have tumblr, and I seem to get noticed a bit more on there, anyway. Plus, I feel like the site itself has died down.. or maybe that's just me because nobody comments on any of my things. :'^)
  9. final life update

    You had thoughts of reaching out to me too you lazy marshmallow bunny! But I am glad I reached out to you, which was a bit challenging and I had to call in a favor to send you a message on your DA. I lucked out that you still use it even if barely.
  10. final life update

    With Toontask closing soon, I thought I'd leave a little something. I'm still into Splatoon, but I've recently been playing quite a bit of Overwatch on console (I don't have a good enough computer to run it on). I don't play Toontown Rewritten at all anymore because of how empty it feels compared to the original. I think I got as far as Daisy Gardens and gave up. Living and job situation.. still with my dad, and unemployed. I'm really about to just apply at the local KFC down the road just to have something in my wallet. Not sure if I'm ready for the fast-pace and dealing with people, but I have to start somewhere. Our two "room mates" moved out earlier this year as well, and things have been pleasantly quiet. I've also been thinking about myself a lot lately, in terms of identity. Nothing major, but I still feel like seeing someone. I've honestly been worrying about it more than what's actually important, like getting a job or drawing. :s Speaking of, I did say I was working on something for Splatoon's anniversary. It was close, but I managed to finish it on time! Here they are: In other news, I went to my first (furry) convention with a few friends. Plenty of fun times were had, even though I couldn't dress up. I've always dreamed of a Spotty fursuit when I was little, and it would've been cool to literally be one of the few rabbits there (everyone was some kind of dog or dragon, tbh). All I had was a Bonnie costume I never got to wear for Halloween and a hoodie with little bear ears on it. ;v; But that's basically what I've been up to, besides getting over losing another close friend. <:/ I'm touched Sly reached out to me at around the same time.. I don't believe in miracles, but that definitely felt like one. At least I didn't lose everyone from my childhood.. Once again, thank you, Toontask, for being such a cool part of my childhood. I've grown quite a bit since 2006, both as a person and an artist. I still write occasionally, but I'm never happy with it. Too focused on grammar, flow, and avoiding cliches.. the struggle ;-; See you guys around! I hope wherever life takes us from here, it's to greater heights. c:
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    tumblr: blackfeint twitter: BLVCKFEINT discord: blackfeint#0663 pinterest: blackfeint message me for facebook!
  12. I see the site is slowly downgrading now. :(

    1. Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Is it?????


      I did a security upgrade which has affected the skin, but nothing else has changed as far as I know

    2. Micheboo


      There was an update and some things did not work out too well.

    3. Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Haha funny, I presume we were typing at the same time

  13. every single one of you are great people

  14. Stepping into the Dip

  15. RIP

    I love you!!!!!!

    December 8, 2004 - August 27, 2017

    1. Memory


      wait nvm it's still here

    2. Colonel Thundercrunch

      Colonel Thundercrunch

      September 27 is the date of death

    3. Memory


      oh loool oops

  16. Stepping into the Dip

    Whew...this is pretty rough. I loved this place. Right after I got off that school bus every single day I'd go here. It was such a comforting place to be and I fit in so easily here. Although in the nine years I've been here I didn't get to know a lot of people because I kind of stayed in the "story bubble" of this website. I've come to regret being such a hermit now that I see that time has run out but I'm still so glad I was part of all this. This place was half my childhood. And then in my blog you guys followed me when I started high school, graduated high school, started college, and got married while being apart of this place. Thank you guys for always being so matter how cheesy my stories were or how childish I was being. It really is sad to see this go and I wish I could go back in time and just have one more day while Toontask was in its golden age. Thank you all so much. This place definitely left a mark on me and I will miss it all.
  17. Stepping into the Dip

    as you can see by my name eheh... it's been a while since I've actually been active on here .. but nonetheless i'm sad to see TTK finally having to close. it fought for so long and stayed open for so long with such a close-knit community, one that I may not had been personally apart of, but still an amazing thing to see from the outside as well. I joined this site on an old account in 2005, and well, you can see how I would change a lot since then :') i was, not good back then. (then again I was only 8 years old, literally) but still, it holds a lot of childhood memories just as toontown did. TTK was my first fansite for anything ever and even though the story was terrible, it also prompted many smaller hobbies like writing when I was younger. that may have faded from my life now, but it was such an important aspect of my younger childhood and I may had not even gotten into any of it at all if it wasn't for TTK and the forums that provided a type of platform that I was not aware existed until I joined! I wouldn't mind joining a Discord server if it happens to become a thing! anyway, I thank ToonTask for the memories, the ability to attempt to express my creativity at 8 years old (rofl) and still got encouragement and support despite not being able to spell or write at that time, and the second chance I got here years later after I had made a childish mistake and had gotten banned at 9-10 years old.. it's weird to think that I joined when I was so young, and now I'm 20 and in college and close to moving away and all that. I know TTK will be a site I think about when I reminisce, just like I will with Toontown! (i wish i could've written this better but it's 2:30 am and im just very tired but i'm sure you get my point) <3 e: and uhhhh if anyone uses tumblr, i have one and its xnagisa so yeah! i'll follow back as toontowntara though if anyone does follow tho! (my TT blog is partially inactive currently!) i would share my instagram too but i'm not sure if it's allowed?
  18. Solar eclipse for US tomorrow; DON'T look at sun because your eyes can become injured or blind. Tell your family and friends soon as you can and keep your pets safe too ;u;

  19. Hey.. so, I just found out Toontask is closing. It's weird, with how quiet the site has been since Toontown closed, I didn't think this would happen. I remember the good old days, back in '06 when I joined. I think I was a bit of a popular (or at least known) author in the stories subforum, and I used to obssess over my blog. Now I barely come online, and had it not been for my friend Sly, the site would've shut down without me ever knowing.. but I'm here now, at least. I feel like I'm really out of the loop, but if anyone that likes my art wants to see more of it, I have a tumblr/deviantart (note I don't post to the latter often). This site will always have a special place in my heart. It's a big part of my childhood and I'm happy with the friends I made along the way. Thank you, Toontask, for being there. :)

  20. It's sad to see this site become a ghost town so soon... it hurts. :(

  21. Final Blog Entry

    i can't say i agree with some of the views you've taken on now, since i'm a firm believer that friendships last if you want them to (ie, no matter the length of time apart/distance/etc, if you want it, you can have it) and i also don't believe friendship is as fragile & instable as you make it out to be (if friends want to make it work then it's that simple) & even though people do grow apart, they don't leave for no reason. but anyway, it's nice to see you're happy with yourself, and you're comfortable with everything now. i hope you remain this happy
  22. Stepping into the Dip

    That's a shame...
  23. Stepping into the Dip

    No we added a section because there were people that were here that played and wanted it. So like Ben said, we have no connection to them.
  24. Stepping into the Dip

    I thought they did with the subforum?
  25. Stepping into the Dip

    Rewitten has no connection with Toontask, so I'm sure they'll continue on as usual.
  26. Stepping into the Dip

    So... what is TTR going to do now without TTK? Are they aware of this?
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