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    @Cool Lefty Electrobrains UGH!! WHY?!?!? You are making me cry now. I value the friendship that we have made and I hope that it will continue. I will have to come back to this and add some more. I am working on another post at the moment. EDIT: I was going to make a list of people to say something special to and I realized that there are just too many of you. There is BunBun, Solid Squirlee, Lefty, Thunder, JEI, FHI, KiKi, Wingy (my secret bully :P), Toony, Mo, Dottie, Ben, Sandy, Nutty, Ellie, Bermuda... You see the list would go on and on. So this is what I am going to do. I am just going to say this: I am thankful for all of the friends that I have made here at ToonTask. I am glad that I got to meet so many amazing staff members past and present that found the time to make this site a great one. I enjoyed all of the games, events, and the joking around that we did. I am glad that I got to learn about modding a site from some wonderful people. ToonTask was one of the first sites that I became active on and I never left. That is how great this place is. I want to say thank you to all of the CL's and members. You are the main reason that ToonTask became so great (besides LLP of course). I have been on this site for a little more than 12 years and I have watched so many of you grow up. Many of you went off to college, got your own place, and a few of you got married. I do want to thank the special few that stuck with us through thick and thin. Phantom (Not sure what your name is right now. LOL), Wingy, Bermuda, Colonel, Dottie, Ben, Dusty, KiKi, Deja, (Ugh! I know that I am forgetting some people. Please do not be upset. <3) There is no way that I can forget ToonTask and all of the amazing people that I have met here. I hope that no matter where life leads you that you will be happy.
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    Hi All It is really great to see some of your posts in here. I have had some great memories & have made some great friends with some of you, especially some of you who have already posted in here (you will all know if I am talking about you) A few special people for me, even though some of you will not see this post Miche @Micheboo My mentor & friend since I first became a moderator here on ToonTask back in June 2006. We have been through a lot since then and it has been great working with you through good and bad times to achieve everything we have done here. Nutty! @!~*Pricelessly Crazy*~! my first friend on Toontown and the one I learned all about Toontown. We had some great times together & It is great to see how you have grown from a little blue bear into a wonferful adult Fancy @!~*Fancily Crazy*~! I will never forget the first time I bumped into you on the steps at Cashbot HQ. You were down for reasons I wont go into and we had a chat and became friends on TT and TTK. Thunder @tHUNDERMUFFiN We had some differences when I first became a mod, but we overcame them all and it is great to see how much you have gorwn up through the years. I still am amazed at your maturity you had 11 years ago! Roxy @Leafeon You were and still are special to me, when I decided to try out Toontown again, you were my mentor and my friend & it was great to work with you with some hard challenges we had, especially when I tried to do some of my crazy challenges where, if I remember rightly I made a toon and got to 100 laff in around a week (maybe 8 days) @Violet Another one with a special mention for helping me with some great graphics when I was working on a few of the site skins I know there are many more friends through the years, but right now I cant think of them. Without all of you & many many more, I would not have carried on with ToonTask or Toontown and am ever so grateful for all of your help, chats, banter & everything/ Onto more recent times, there have been some very loyal special members who I would like to give a mention to (in no particular order) @~ButterflyWings, @Doctor Dusty, @kiki. @Dottie of the Wonderland You have all been great through the quiet period and without you all, the site would have closed down long ago I would also like to give a special mention to @Ben. While most of the staff have disappeared through the time, you have stuck with us and been there virtually every day. Thanks you for your continual help. I think that is enough from me right now. If there is anybody out there who would like to keep in touch with me via social media, please send me a PM with your own links & I will send mine back to you. Lefty P.S. I remain the one with the most posts & content P.P.S.I forgot to mention somebody! @Vampz one day, you will tell me your secret of how come you appear every time I think of you!
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    It is with deep regret that after nearly 13 years, we have decided that it is time to close the doors on ToonTask. September 27, 2017 will be the be the day that the site finally steps into the dip. The activity of the site has been low for many years & we hoped that the addition of Toontown Rewritten would increase the popularity of the site. However, we know that the use of the Internet has changed over the years and with more social networking in modern times, Forums such as ToonTask have reduced in popularity. We have enjoyed the time that we have spent on the site and the friends that we have made here. We have watched many of you grow from children into the young adults that you have become and we are very proud to have been a part of many of you growing up. This is not the end of the book, but a next chapter and ToonTask is happy to have been a big part of your lives. First, we would like to say thank you to the ToonTask's very first member & creator @LLP. Next, we would like to thank all of the wonderful staff members past and present for all of the hard work and dedication that they have put into the site over the years. We would also like to thank of our 21,050 members who have written nearly 1.5 million posts in over 90,000 topics. Also, a special thank you to the Community Leaders and to the Supporters of the site. Things would have been much harder through the years without the help. Thank you to everybody. It has been a ToonTaskic ride. @Micheboo& @Cool Lefty Electrobrains P.S. It is not normally encouraged, but since this is not a normal situation, If there is anyone that you would like to keep in touch with feel free to send them a Personal Message (PM) asking if they would like to exchange Facebook, Skype, Instagram, etc. so that the friendship that you have made, will not be lost.
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    I have met some great people because of Toontask and had support through some really tough times. Cannot thank the staffers enough for keeping TTK running as long as it has been. anyway ADD ME ON FACEBOOK and maybe twitter. I need a new anonymous outlet for my ranting hehehehehehehe OH AND NEOPETS!!!!!! AND DISCORD! SKYPE!!! INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!! COME TO MY HOUSE THIS SATURDAY!!!! jk but add m-
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    I expected this for a long time now, but didn't want to see it happen. This place and all the countless people I've met will always hold a special place in my heart. All of the contests we've hosted, boss runs we've ran, all the times we'd wait for lefty to show up to a VP run. The fun times we had, the friends made, and even the arguments that took place. I don't think I'll ever forget. I may have grown tired of the game, but i always looked forward to the posts and topics. And mostly the blogs that had life updates. My thanks goes out to Micheboo and Lefty. Thank you two so much for providing this place for so many people to come together for so many years. Letting go of this place will be tough. I'm not going to lie, not being able to visit Toontask will leave an empty void in my day. But, this decision was inevitable. Nothing could have changed us back to how we were, but I'm glad we tried. I wouldn't be who i am today without finding this site by accident. I've made so many friends and lost a few along the way, but you are family.
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    A lot of my childhood is here, and I have conflicting emotions about this decision. Maybe it is time for ToonTask to go, but it won't matter as long as we have memories of it.
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    I didn't know if I should or not write anything on this topic... It just feels so surreal. When I realised that even the most active of most active members here weren't active, I was dreading to read this... I was hoping for a miracle, but need to accept the reality. Toontask is the most wonderful Toontown (or Forum) community I have known (I had a weird habit of joining as much places as possible, so I saw other sites, but never truly belonged nor participated much.). This place is filled such a positivity in a very healthy way, it feels like a huge family where everyone just care about each other, even if not everyone is close. I came here as a child, I am now a young adult, this place is important part of my life, the way I've become and this place... Geez people, I wanted to make a feature film & announce to you first, now I need to make it 2 months and I don't even have a script! I've always been emotionally attached to this place and I remember that when I was a child- messed up time zones and missed an event, I have cried about it. It seems silly, but you made everything better and I wanted to be part of this. You are all so wonderful and I'll miss you, and I'll miss this place & I'm so sad that some people that were so important in Toontask won't even get say goodbye and stay in touch. I'm so proud to be part of this and this place really made the world a better place! Sorry, I am all over the place. Have a wonderful day, Alise
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    I don't really post anymore but I really feel like I need to for this.. Like a couple of you already said, I knew this day would come but I don't think i'm ready to let it go! Even though I stopped being active a very long time ago, I still have Toontask in my heart and I have to check in regularly to see whats going on and it upsets me knowing I wont be able to do that anymore! But it's true, all good things do have to come to an end. Toontask was the first forum I ever joined and the only forum I have ever used so much and made so many friends on. Back when I was little, nobody in my school played Toontown but then I joined Toontask and I used to enjoy coming back from school just so I could play with all my friends on here. I have made so many memories here, from trying to start my own Guild or trying to get a bunch of random toons on Toontown to join Toontask (It worked lol) to having daily Skype conversations with a couple of members from here (sorry mods, I know it wasnt allowed haha) and trying to collect loads of jellybeans so I could change my display name a 100 times Just want to say thank you to all the friendships and the memories. Toontask will forever stay in my heart.
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    We are keeping the Facebook page and group open so that those that are linked to it can keep in touch with each other or exchange information there.
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    i'm not sure how to say goodbye exactly to toontask. I've been procrastinating even posting here, but I finally for my self to. It has been apart of my life for many years. Without it, I doubt I'd be the person I am. I've met friends, lost friends, and made new ones. I know I met one of my best friends for life from here. Without OV, I don't know where I'd be. If it not had not been for TTK, I doubt i would have met such a wonderful and amazing friend. I met her as a result of writing, which will always be important to me. It was the foundation of our friendship and I'm glad to continue it today. To OV, Tally and Arty, without you, we wouldn't have written WWA (What We Are) and made it as successful as we did. Thank you. I'm not sure if you'll see this or not, but I'm leaving it here anyway. It truly has a special place in my heart. Saying goodbye to toontask is saying goodbye to a part of my childhood and life. Through the good times, bad, and rather ugly, I will be forever grateful for this site. To the those I no longer see, you have a special place in my heart; to those I've ever been with, you will too. The mods here (who know who they are), I thank you for your patience, consideration, and all of your help throughout the years. I will not forget you. I won't specify names because I won't leave anyone out, but you know who you are, even from the very early days. To being made Motm 8/08 and then becoming a CL will always be something I remember. TTK got me through hard times and was there for me. Things come and go in life, but you have to remember the memories. And sadly, that will be all we have, yet we can still share it together to keep the spirit of it alive. I will miss this website, despite my lack of activity in the past few years. I will miss you, TTK. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to things in our lives eventually. I always hoped not to have to say goodbye and dreaded the day we would have to. Sadly though it's here, but I will cherish it. Thanks for the memories. And, OV, thank you for being an amazing friend who again, I wouldn't have met without Toontask. -Stormy
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    this is really heartbreaking news but i guess it's something i was expecting for a while... but i'm really glad i can say that i grew up with this site and a lot of the people here watched me grow through life, school, into college, and eventually into uni, into who i am today i wouldn't be the same person without this site and the friends i've made here. there have been so many amazing memories i've made here to the point where some of my favourite memories of all time are times i've had on this site with my friends when we come together on the game during some event, and we just have a laugh. we faced toontown's closure together and it was super emotional but i wouldn't have faced it with anybody else except you guys. you're all so important to me and you all have a really special place in my heart - and so does this site because it's become a part of me, i could never permanently leave it. if anybody who isn't already in touch with me elsewhere (most of you are LOL) then please pm me!!! i want to stay in touch with as many of you as possible! goodbye ttk, it's been a great ride and i love you ♥
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    OH NO! I didn't know about this till I decided to visit it... this is heart breaking. I've had good times and... well a lot of bad times too looking back on it... I was bit of a jerk to a lot of people that I still think I caused a Mod to leave... really regret that. Met a lot of friends here, however sadly I've since lost contact with or barely see anymore. I hate to see the site go, but... since officially Toontown is gone and TTR is nice to have, it's just not the same experience anymore. This is going to hurt a lot... like saying bye to an old friend but for good. It really is a shame to see this go but... times change, they always do, especially with ways of communicating and how. Well... if anyone wants to keep in touch with me, a very old Toontask veteran who has become very inactive in recent years, I have various ways of being reached: Steam, Fur Affinity, e-mail, or Discord. (I'd recommend the first, third, or fourth option, only second if you have an account already and plan to be use it often.) I'll try to check here often up to the date for any messages. I'll be sending out messages to those that I don't want to lose contact with and see if I can get something... Was nice while it lasted. Always a toon though. Edit with Suggestion: We could move the community to a Discord server. It's not hard to set up and manage, however feature wise compared to here will be limited. It's another option next to Facebook. If the mod team is interested, I don't mind help setting it up. Been using it for almost a year and have a fair understanding and experience with it. Just thought I offer some help to people keep in touch a bit easier, individual or as a whole.
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    Oh man this is heartbreaking Toontask just happened to cross my mind today and I'm glad I decided to check and see what's going on. I've been a member for 10 years, and I'm one of those little kids who always posted waayyy back in the day, and so much has changed. All good things come to an end, but I'm happy the site continued for this long Our close-knit community grew ever smaller, with toons, including me, becoming less active. I've met some great people and friends here on Toontask and the community was/is so kind and caring. Feel free to PM me with contact details, I have Facebook, Skype, and an email. I wish you all the best and may you have a toontastic life!
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    Wow, I just happened to check in today and to see this is such sad news to me. I obviously haven't been very active at all lately, mostly due to me being at an extremely exciting and busy time in my life but Toontask and everyone in this community I have never forgotten. This forum played such a huge part in my childhood/growing up and it's really sad to see it go but, like others, it's not very surprising. It would take too long to thank individually every single person in this community who I became extremely great friends with, had such fun times with and loved unconditionally but I hope that all of you know that I appreciate you all so much and have never and will never forget all the fantastic memories we have shared. I'm on all sorts of social media so please send me a PM if you want to stay in touch, I'm super interested in what all of you are getting up to and how you all are, particularly considering how inactive I've been lately. Thank you all so much, love you all forever, Rocco <3
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    I can't make a long sappy post or anything until maybe sometime in August bc these work hours are killing me (I have less than 30 mins before I need to get ready). So, for now I'll just say how shocked and saddened I am by this news. This site has been my life since I was about 10 years old. I have made so many wonderful friends here, and even met my boyfriend, @Rai on here! I still wish there was something I could do to keep this site from closing. I used to come up with all these ideas to get the site active again but I never knew how to implement them. They were only ideas. If only I could have done something. If anyone would like to keep in contact with me, just message me! p.s. idk if it's been mentioned anywhere bc my lack of time to read things on here, but Bailey suggested creating a discord that way we could all keep in touch. I would definitely join it!
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    This site was a lot to me. I grew up with this site. I remember spending my whole day on here. I did a lot of stuff I regret, but I don't regret meeting everyone in the community. I hope we can all have productive lives after TTK goes away.
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    Oh my goodness, I just now saw this. Oh wow... I don't know what to say. I, too, have seen this coming. For a few years, actually. But I was holding out hope. I'll save my full-text mushiness for the final day. For now I think I'll just cry for a bit, lol... Wow...
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    I was surprised when one of friends told me Toontask is closing. I'll miss Toontask a lot; well maybe the old good days of Toontask; memories is what matters most. I unfortunately have gotten less attached to Toontask due to myself becoming a bigger introvert. I couldn't get myself to post nor check forums frequently; I cannot. I was always a blogger here and that's something I have always enjoyed doing on here so I thank you for your opportunity to make it happen. With that said; I wanted to take another opportunity to express myself and how much I have changed growing up on here. I outgrew Toontown, I felt like I've gotten everything I needed and wanted from enjoying the game, I've met a lot of amazing people that came and go. I've made beautiful moments within the game. There is just simply nothing more to gain from playing further now. A really great unique game regardless. Speaking of growing up; I grew up a lot since the last time I posted here, it's pretty intense- I've been looking at a lot of screenshots and random convo bits I saved like years ago recently and I didn't realize how painfully annoying I once was; I was incredibly obnoxious, clingy, over-affectionate and of course painfully awkward. It hurts to see my past self being so stupid and I wanted to scream at my past self. It was just too much. I deleted the screenshots along with convo bits and I felt better but wow. It saddened me that many so called friends haven't pointed my weird bits out; taking me so long time to realize this on my own. Still, I can't blame them. I understand where they come from and it is definitely easier not to say a thing to reduce drama and stress much as possible. I eventually met a lot of interesting people; annoying awkward ones included; some that reminded me of who I used to be and that's when it hit me; I've been maturing a lot since then. That's also when I realized what true friends are really about. It's pretty intense that a few of them would still stick around; regardless of how awkward I was back then and I greatly appreciate them for their patience. Ahh. I don't get attached to people easily anymore; nowadays when friends don't make any effort or didn't bother responding for months; that's when you know it's time to pull the plug and move on; it's not that they stopped caring; it's because they simply do not have time for you anymore. I cannot say it's a shame because honestly, I find myself doing the same thing and I finally understand; when people talk to me too much every day as well as commenting on everything I do; being overly affectionate; etc. It makes me not want to deal with them or keep them in my life; Normally I would simply let them know and tell them how to improve but in reality; it's not fair of me to tell them to change just so I can tolerate them; that is who they are and they are not right type of friends to keep; I would eventually leave them anyways so leaving was a easier choice. It's funny; I always told myself that I'd never do this when a lot of friends left me without a word but really; it's a circle of life literally. Think of it this way; certain people left you for being clingy and annoying; making you less affectionate and doesn't get attached to people easily. You become less clingy and less annoying so you grow. It may seem like a cruel thing to leave people because of their conflicting bits but I think it's more of a neutral; natural thing of the way things work. Relationships is no exception; it's completely normal when first relationships doesn't work out; you learn what you want in a relationship and you aim for a better healthier relationship with a new person while a rejected person would try and improve themselves and face several more rejections until they met a special person who have gone through same thing and understand each other, it's a weird but a big beautiful thing. The way life work among people is just amazing. Back then I wanted to say really mean and nasty stuff about friends that left me without a word or hold a grudge against them but I realized it's not worth it. It really isn't. I'm pretty sure I was toxic to some of them and that's absolutely okay- you cannot please everyone and you certainly befriend everyone either; you should cherish what you have. My dear friend taught me something meaningful; some people remain friends for years without even talking; are ones that aren't strong enough to let them go or they simply like to brag having a lot of friends; my friend believed that we are those types that desire happy meaningful friendships- I think it's nice that people would remains friends for years without talking but I personally think there isn't really a point in that but hey- that's okay. 2016 was a very good year for me; personality development and friends wise. I spent a lot of time to discover myself too; I still have a very long way to go but progress is huge. I met a small handful of wonderful friends and they're major sweethearts. I met Savannah, Rinnie, Mama Monica and a few others that made me feel loved and greatly appreciated and I don't feel paranoid anymore, I was able to trust people again, I do still have awkward moments but they're very minor and I learn from them instead of unnecessary repeated apologizing to make things worse. Because of this, I don't bother connecting with new people and I distance myself; becoming a bigger introvert in process. I am okay with that and I truly feel happy, blessed + satisfied with what I have now. I'm finally starting to feel like a real adult; This year I learned how to apply for jobs online, updated my job resume, using video phone (even though I still hate it with burning passion) for business/future jobs and recently I contacted a lady who previously helped me with setting me up for driving lessons which have gone smoothly and I requested another set of driving lessons as practice this time; I still haven't gotten my license because I didn't practice driving enough so I never took the road test. My dad always make excuses or is too busy so I decided to do it on my own. Needlessly to say, I'm very proud of myself, I wish I was capable of doing all of that sooner but because of who I am; I couldn't help it; I should be happy that I finally blossomed. As for my art; that still haven't changed; I improved dramatically lately and I'm starting to understand what I really want to do with my future; I want to make a animated series on youtube in my own pixel style; either that or develop a video game involving my cast of characters, that's something I definitely want to do. In addition to everything I said about friends and friendships; when I eventually added Amu (ButterflyWings / Good ol' Stubby) on a messenger outside Toontask; I pretty much abandoned Toontask and haven't came back since then; save for coming back to check Toontask before it close down. To be honest; in a long run I was never here for popularity nor attention, I never felt like I fit here; Amu was my major sole reason alone for coming on Toontask at all. She was one of a few people that truly cared about me and I love her for it. We would always PM each other and currently we chat every night so I never feel lonely whenever she's around. She is what I would describe; a true friend. I used to be "close" or basically get along with a lot of folks on here; I still like them a lot. I like many I once befriended but never viewed them as friends. Rather I viewed them as friendly acquaintances and wonderful community; something that make a forum site a really fun place for you to join and hang out with peeps; you aren't in it for long term friendships; you are in it to have a great time with people who share similar hobbies and interests until the end. I know some people feel differently- But it is how I feel; I'm glad I get to know some of you; even if it was brief; it was a lot of fun doubtlessly. Hearts and candy cane events were nice; contests were fun to watch, enjoyed some art topics, random discussions and random forum games you guys came up with. It was nice to see parties, contests, changes, events from a certain distance where I sit over there in a corner. I know I wasn't heavily involved- I was still there and still a part of the community in some way so thank you for everything.
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    Thanks for a good many years to all the staff and members! Sad to see it ending, but I'm grateful for all the happy memories to look back on. Feel free to message me if you would like to stay in touch!
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    Toontown Celebrates Fourteen Years! Posted by The TTR Team on June 2, 2017 03:00 PM On June 2nd, 2003, Disney's Toontown Online officially opened its doors to the Toons of the world. Some of us may have started playing on that very date -- and some of us may not have even been born yet! Toons young and old, we're inviting you to join us as we celebrate Fourteen Years of Toontown! Toontown has been through a lot over the years. Before Disney closed the game, it had been alive for ten years of outrageous fun -- and a massive amount of pies. Who knew that four years later, Toontown would still be thriving, and about to celebrate what we hope will become its best year yet! At the beginning of 2017, we told you about some of our upcoming plans, and how we were hoping to move Toontown out of beta this year. The big Doodle Hunt was our first initiative to prove to the players that we were serious about this, and boy did we mean it. We're happy to announce that Toontown is fully on track to move out of beta before the end of the year. Since then, our team has been hard at work preparing for ToonFest at ReplayFX 2017, a real world event being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we'll be showing you all of the wonderful things we have in store. It's going to be the biggest and best ToonFest yet -- so big that some of the developers of Toontown Online are attending to meet players just like YOU! Now, now, we'll quit being so sappy. We know what you're wondering: What is in store for Toontown Rewritten this year? We can't reveal you all of the details, but we sure can tell you a few. Here's what we've been working on lately: Our efforts have been focused on closing up any unfinished promises that we've made to you. Parties, improved racing, and plenty of bugfixes are in development and coming soon. Toontown's new website is in progress and will be released at long last! We'll miss you, green street sign. Field Offices are the only feature from Toontown Online that will not be released before the end of beta -- instead, our game designers are currently retooling them for brand new end-of-game content, aiming to be released next year. Toontown will be seeing the first new species in town for the first time since 2008! We have been prototyping the final two species of the vote, and will be bringing you more information about that soon. At ReplayFX 2017, we're putting on the biggest ToonFest show yet. Even if you're unable to attend, you'll be able to follow along right here on the Toontown blog. Mark your calendars and stay TOONed from July 27-30! These are just a few of the things that have been taking up our time, and as we get closer to the convention, you may notice some silence from us. This isn't because we've forgotten you, but because we're busy preparing the important things that will be happening there. You can expect that ToonFest will break that silence! Our goal here at Toontown Rewritten has always been to preserve Toontown and work towards the goal of bringing it back. We took Jesse Schell's advice in 2013 to keep the passion for Toontown alive, and you, as the players, have pushed that further than we ever hoped to be possible. Because of this, today, there is still hope for Toontown's future. We're very excited to move forward with our dreams for Toontown, and we hope that you will support us through it so that we can show Disney how important this game is to us! It's time to blow out the candles, watch the in-game Fireworks, and give a big message to the game we all enjoy: Happy 14th Birthday, Toontown!
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    Hey.. so, I just found out Toontask is closing. It's weird, with how quiet the site has been since Toontown closed, I didn't think this would happen. I remember the good old days, back in '06 when I joined. I think I was a bit of a popular (or at least known) author in the stories subforum, and I used to obssess over my blog. Now I barely come online, and had it not been for my friend Sly, the site would've shut down without me ever knowing.. but I'm here now, at least. I feel like I'm really out of the loop, but if anyone that likes my art wants to see more of it, I have a tumblr/deviantart (note I don't post to the latter often). This site will always have a special place in my heart. It's a big part of my childhood and I'm happy with the friends I made along the way. Thank you, Toontask, for being there.
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    i can't say i agree with some of the views you've taken on now, since i'm a firm believer that friendships last if you want them to (ie, no matter the length of time apart/distance/etc, if you want it, you can have it) and i also don't believe friendship is as fragile & instable as you make it out to be (if friends want to make it work then it's that simple) & even though people do grow apart, they don't leave for no reason. but anyway, it's nice to see you're happy with yourself, and you're comfortable with everything now. i hope you remain this happy
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    Wow, I don't know what to say. It was a fun ride. I will definitely treasure fond memories of this place. Thank you all for being my friends (when I wasn't acting stupid). I don't really use social media much, except Steam, and I don't go online very often there. Most of you are already friends with me there.
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    Solar eclipse for US tomorrow; DON'T look at sun because your eyes can become injured or blind. Tell your family and friends soon as you can and keep your pets safe too ;u;
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    Rewitten has no connection with Toontask, so I'm sure they'll continue on as usual.
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    I love you all so much ♥
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    heartbroken. if anyone wants to keep in contact, let me know.