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    trashcan in pahala with rosie :o
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    I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS THAT I MET ON HERE! :D<br /><br />-rosie<br />-baby girl<br />-candeh<br />-sunny<br />-sadie<br />-closet<br />-fireplace<br />-memory<br />-little spotty<br />-pickles

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  1. ILY, MARGE! I wish you still came on TTK D:


  2. Happy Birthday! I remember seeing you on.

  3. im so lost

  4. lol typical you, mr pahala

  5. audition is too confusing for my brain!

  6. oh happy belated birthday.

  7. psssh well if you havent uninstalled audition yet we should play :D (whether you like it or not >:o )

  8. you forgot my birthday.... fail D: