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  1. Happy New Year!

    A happy & healthy New Year to you all!
  2. The Rumours About Toontown 2.0 Have No Evidence

    In some Toontown fansites you can find discussions about an alleged Toontown successor project named "Toontown II" or "Toontown 2.0". Also a couple of users have published videos on YT that show a "Disney concept leak". Rumour has it that they would release it for Toontown's 10th anniversary in June 2013, even mentioning a new graphics engine ("Unity 3D") being used for it. However, if you start examining the source of the published images shown as its evidence, you will see that all these rumours have no grounds. The pictures origin from a website of a concept artists named Jay Friedmann, who used to work for Disney over more than 10 years until January 2012. This guy has a portfolio on his site and some images are undertitled with "Toontown 2 Prototype". But a prototype in the artist fields is nothing more than an early design study. There are no hints that Disney is actually working on it. Users that claim to know differently, are likely lead by their own wishing wells. I have compiled some of the pictures here that have been shown. If there was really an ongoing Toontown 2.0 project, they wouldn't have set him off. This is what you can read on Jay Friedman's site resume: If you are capable to dig deeper into the source code of this site, you will find those pictures below on his gallery that some users are advertising as the fantabulous "Toontown 2.0" which Disney would supposedly be working on. There is simply no evidence, actually it's more unlikely than ever that these things will become realized, because they would be under absolute disclosure. This former assistant could well become sued to publish them. You can read above that the last thing he was working on and that became realized was the "Cogdominiums / Field Office". A "Toontown II Prototype" reveals nothing about an actual plan. His job in the 10 years as a Disney employee was decent, and very nice to look at, for sure. Enjoy! "Cog Office 1" "Cog Bots" "Cog Train" "Deco Penthouse 1" "Deco Penthouse 2" "Deco Penthouse 3" "Funster House" "Gate 1" / "Gate 3" "Cog Rocket" "Music Shop" "Legal Eagle 1" "Mr. Hollywoods" "Office 1" "Power Plant" "Silly O Meter" "Toon Studios" "Toontropolis" "Zootsuits" Many pictures in his Gallery aren't even Toontown or Disney related, but still fun to look at. "Muzwumple" "Rollo" "Zumperpuffle" "DoCoMo" "Swamp Light" Click on the icons below to look at more non Toontown related pictures from his portfolio gallery: cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  3. Toontown History, Facts & Features

    Some days ago, we had a bunch of players from a German Internet Radio station that decided to feature a so called "Let's Play Toontown" broadcast. They made a video series on YT and had some discussions going on in chat. I compiled a history of Disney's Toontown Online for them, and added a feature list. I thought I should share it in an English forum, too. Toontown Online was created over 10 years ago, and first appeared in beta in 2001 in the United States. The public launch took place on 2 June 2003. That year it was also elected MMORPG Game of the Year by the Computer Gaming World. There was a portal site for players from England from the beginning, and a localized version in Japan existed, too. The following year, a German version of Toontown appeared. Later there were other localized versions in France, Spain, and Brazil, as well as a portal page for the English game in Southeast Asia, but they all have been shut down meanwhile. Only the American game remains, which is populated by about eight to ten thousand Toons. I estimate the number of paying players to maybe 5,000. The interesting thing about the game over the years has always been its extensions. The game had been equipped with new additions every few months, however now those additions are added sparingly. Disney`s Toontown Online is the first massively multiplayer online game designed specifically for kids and families. It is designed as a kid-safe, endlessly evolving, and immersive 3-D online world. In Toontown, players, as Toons, join Forces to save the world from the invading robot Cogs - humorless business robots who are attempting to turn the colorful, happy world of Toontown into a corporate metropolis. Most things can be experienced, of course, only with a paid membership, it costs about $10 per month, $78 as an annual subscription. Here is an incomplete list of features so that one can see how big the scope actually is: 9 different Toon species (mouse, rabbit, duck, monkey, bear, pig, dog, cat, horse), each Boys & Girls in 25 colors and 34 different forms, a total of more than 8 million different combinations of game-avatars in the "Make a toon" section. See pictures here, here, and here. Every year on Halloween you can create a black cat in 72 different combinations. Name a Toon with a built-in Toon name generator or submit a custom name which needs to become approved. The game world consists of six so-called neighbourhoods with a total of 17 streets and 467 buildings. 23 Toon HQs for collection and redemption of the missions. 6 Pet Shops and 6 gagshops A racing playground with Kart Shop. A miniature golf playground with 36 different courses. A Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres recreation park. Toon parties-playground. 6 trolley "stations". Your own estate. There are 4 Cog headquarters with more game worlds of 11 different Cog-factories. 4 combat zones for the Boss-Cogs-finals. Everything mentioned above exists in each of 30 separate but identical districts. The opponents are 28 different Cogs species and light-diffusing robots called Goonies. Of course the 4 Chiefbots VP (Sellbot Vice President), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CJ (Chief Justice) and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). There are about 80 missions, called "Toontasks" when playing the Toon career. The total number of existing start quests is 1097. There are 651 non playable characters (NPC Toons) in the game. The custom levels will be displayed as "Laff Points", you start at 15 and it ends with 137. Earning points for your laff level does not only come through the missions, but also by fishing up to 70 fish species, planting of 40 varieties of flowers, Mini golf games on 36 different courses, Kart racing on 12 different race tracks, and level up your own cog suit for the 4 types of cogs. Because Cogs can`t take a joke, Toons use cartoon gags to crack them up!These "weapons" are made of 49 different jokes, that you have to level up through experience. You can only have 6 of the 7 different gag tracks. Cog's Field Offices have existed since 2011. They are special building with a mini-game inside. The Trolley Games consist of a total of 16 short, arcade-like minigames. 78 different weekly Cattlelogs allow shopping from hundreds of different items. The items consist of clothing, furniture, awards, emotions (= animation), tapestries, statues, floor coverings, pictures, and more. You can gift some of the items to other players, and of course store them in your house. "Payment" is done with jellybeans, which can be earned through mini-games, fun toontasks or fishing. In a Petshop you can buy a Doodle, and pay again with Jelly Beans. This is a personal pet, who can learn tricks and can even heal you or your team mates in a battle. Since 2011, there are the "accessories" that provide the Toons with backpacks, eyewear, headwear and footwear, and thus again make toons look entirely different. As a member you can create with up to 6 different toons per account, and you also have access to a test server usually containing newer versions of the game. There, you can again create 6 additional Toons. In your friends list, you can store up to 50 Toon friends, to which you can teleport to at any time, chat with them, call them for help or assist them with their Toontasks. The Speed Chat allows you to use more words in chat instead of just the pre-defined SpeedChat list of phrases. You are also free to chat with anyone using words that are stored in an internal whitelist that ensures that you stay within the rules of the game and say nothing indecent. The whitelist consists of nearly 26,000 words, so you have quite a lot of freedom. Speed ​​Chat Plus is available to you as a paying member only. With that you can type almost anything if it is not on an unknown internal "blacklist". So you can even talk in foreign languages to your "True friends", with whom you have exchanged a "secret code" outside of the game. Cog battles take place on the streets and in cog buildings. Here you always fight in groups of up to 4 Toons. The "bot-factories" are entered via elevators or a kart in Bossbot HQ or can be joined through a "boarding group", here again you can take up to 4 Toons into the combat. The "Cog HQ finals" are also entered via elevators or boarding groups. Here, however, eight Toons fight against the enemy. As a reward for the finals you not only round up your own level, but also gain "SOS Toons", or earn unite phrases, which you can call in battles for help, tooning up (heal), gag up or spread Jellybeans, summon cogs, cog buildings or neighbor-wide cog invasions, or earn the ultimate Fire gag, which shoots cogs away with a cannon. There is a random factor that can make attacks fail sometimes that brings some challenge to the game. In the event of a lost battle, you do not die, but go sad and become transported to the playground, and you lose your current gags that you can buy again. The laff points come back after a short time and can be accelerated by collecting treasures like ice cream cones, flowers, or the like, or the dispensing of a completed toontask, or another toon in a new battle can speed up the regain of your laff level. A report button allows Toons to report other Toons who break the Disney House Rules. Every Monday there is a "Grand Prix" racing event, in which Toons can win many more tickets than usual as well as special trophies. On Wednesdays, the game features a "Fish Bingo" event to make Toons win up to 10,000 jelly beans. On Saturdays grand prix, fish bingo and trolley tracks rotate every 2 hours in a so called "Silly Saturdays" event. Most of the time you encounter 1,000 - 6,000 players in the game, and the majority sure are U.S. adolescents, but there are also many young and adult players from all over the world who have played for years and some (like myself) believe that there is no better or funnier online game where you can have as much fun. Of course you should be considerate and exercise tolerance, because in this game very young and inexperienced kids can be behind the toon. In particular, one should not take everything so desperately serious and think not only of his own progress. It is relaxing fun if you have the right attitude and if you can ignore the anger about the misbehavior of others. A couple of guilds and clans are organized mainly in English speaking forums and schedule daily recurring boss meetings (besides other events) in selected districts to set times. Thousands of videos on unapproved site name attest the fun and creative experience the players find in this MMORPG. The game engine (called Panda3D) was developed by Disney's Virtual Reality Studio. The branch at Disney started as Buena Vista Games and was renamed later to Disney Interactive Studios. This was merged in 2010 with the Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) and renamed to DIMG (Disney Interactive Media Group). While the Walt Disney Studios are located in Burbank/California, the game servers are probably outsourced to Las Vegas. The lead developer Greg Wiatroski later turned on to Disney's Pirates Online. Another company that contributed some parts of the game is Schell Games LLC., who created Goofy Speedway and Sellbot Field Offices. Unfortunately, in recent years, abuse in the form of hacks have tried to spoil the fun. For example, when the district is reset through a security leak and all the toons in the district get booted out of the game. The most spectacular hack probably was the emerge of so called "clones" in July 2011, populating almost every district with hundreds of non moving "scarecrow" Toon characters, making it almost impossible to join certain zones at all. (click to enlarge) The Disney team of developers do their best effort to fix the bugs and glitches, but like virus hunters, it is probably always a constant cat-and-mouse chase. For these air heads the next new hack is just a challenge. Since the well-known Python based game engine has been taken apart they know its weaknesses and approaches to new hacks. Yet, they cannot win, as our fun will always remain, no matter what they do. Toontown Release History November 29, 2001 First Toon Birthday [*]September 12, 2002 The wait is finally over! We're ready to start the second official beta test of Toontown Online, so grab your pies and get ready to hit the streets of Disney's Toontown Online. [*]October 21, 2002 Official release of Toontown! [*]November 12, 2002 [sv1.2.0] Added ripple effects in the water. Improved clothing shop interface. Now you can browse for clothes without a clothing ticket, and you can cancel your purchase and keep your ticket. Friendlier friend rejection messages. New friend detail panel. Added "Do you need help?" to the SpeedChat menus. Added a "stunned" animation for Cogs in battle. Added 8 new streets, 2 new Playgrounds, and Cog... [*]November 16, 2002 [sv1.2.1] Added level 12 Cogs to some 5-story buildings in Donald's Dreamland. [*]November 26, 2002 [sv1.3.0] New Tug-of-War trolley game Now you can name your Toon during the free trial. New Tag trolley game arena. New Flash intro movie. [*]March 20, 2003 [sv1.4.17] Released Cog Invasions and Toon Leaderboards! See Coming Soon Issue #1 for more details. [*]June 2, 2003 [sv1.0.6.4] Public release! More details to check out inside houses. A Brand New Toontown logo. New Web/cookie based login that remembers you for a short while. You can now do some fishing in the Estates while butterflies fly around. [*]April 16, 2003 [sv1.5.9] The catching game is in. Try it out! We have gotten frequent complaints about Toons griefing other players by hopping off Cog elevators at the last second, thus stranding poor Toons left to fight the building alone. Now when a Toon jumps off a Cog elevator, the timer will be reset. It will only be reset the first time this happens on each elevator. [*]December 19, 2003 [sv1.0.9.12] Sellbot HQ, attached to Daisy Gardens is the first Cog HQ to be released. It has been very exciting for us to develop this new area of Toontown, and hopefully it is as fun for you to play in. Cog HQ introduces new physics, environments, enemies, story elements, and game play. Summary of What is New New Physics with jumping ability - now you can hurdle bushes, jump onto crates, and hop over small fences! New Toon interactions - conveyor belts, stompers, gears, locked doors, switches, pushable crates, platform action. New Gag, Laff, and Jellybean Barrels - Cogs have stockpiled all the Toon items they have stolen. You can recover them in the factory. New Cog Factory environment New Cog Boss enemy New Pie throwing mode in final phase of Boss Battle New Cog HQ environment New Rescued Toons (SOS) system New Rescued Toon Shticker Book page holds up to 8 Toon cards New Rescued Toon battle interface New Cog Disguise Shticker Book page New Cog Merit system with 60 promotion levels New "Skelecogs" - Sellbots that do not have their final Cog suit built New "Goons" - Cog worker drones New street - "Oak Street" off Daisy Gardens playground New map artwork New Shticker Book tabs make finding pages faster and easier [*]October 7, 2003 [sv1.0.7.18] Special items for the month of October to show up soon! [*]December 3, 2003 [sv1.0.8.12] Rolled back to original MIDI files to fix grey-screen freeze on some Windows 98 computers. [*]April 1, 2004 [sv1.0.11.9] Happy April Fools! The first Cattlelog delivery is now delayed until after the first task. [*]May 23, 2004 The UK Edition of Toontown opening up own website and launcher. [*]June 16, 2004 [sv1.0.13.13] There's something new in the fishing spots! You'll get some new Trophies which give extra LaffBoost too. 20 new fish species added. New July 4th CattleLog items are coming. Tutorial has been tweaked so you can't shut the Friends Panel nor the Shticker Book while a Toon is guiding you through it. [*]September 3, 2004 [sv1.0.14.15] Attention all Toons! Pet Shops and Doodles are finally here! [*]September 28, 2004 [sv1.0.14.22] All Toons rejoice!! Cattlelog series 6 has arrived! Don't miss out on all the new goodies from Clarabelle! New Speed Chat category "Election" has been added. [*]October 29, 2004 [sv1.0.14.30] Implemented the Black Cat Day Easter Egg which will turn a Toon cat black. The cat will stay black forever, but the "trick" for this "treat" will only work on Halloween. Clues to unlock the Easter Egg were revealed in the October subscriber newsletter and on the subscriber home page of this website. [*]November 11, 2004 [sv1.0.14.33] The Toons have spoken! Please welcome Monkey, the newest Toon species to join Toontown! [*]November 15, 2004 Toontown Germany released [*]February 2, 2005 [sv1.] Pajama Place is here! Please go to Donald's Dreamland to visit this new street! [*]February 17, 2005: [sv1.0.15.16] Cashbot HQ is here! All advanced Toons should visit their local Toon HQ Officer and get to work on those Donald's Dreamland ToonTasks to assemble their Cashbot disguises. [*]April 05, 2005 [sv1.0.15.25] Fish Bingo Wednesdays will now last all day, from 12:00am PT to 11:59pm PT. Furthermore, the increase of necessary merits for Sellbot promotion will now be more gradual leading up to level 50 cogs. Once you reach level 50 for a cog type you will no longer need to collect merits to fight that cog type's boss, you will earn an executive washroom key which will let you come and go as you please! [*]June 2, 2005 [sv1.0.15.31] Toons of the world rejoice! Your Doodles can now be called upon to help in your fight against the Cogs! [*]September 15, 2005 [sv1.0.15.40] Attention all Toons! It's time to put the pedal to the metal and race over to the brand new Goofy Speedway! Just walk through the new tunnel in Toontown Central and you're there. Make sure to visit one of the helpful grease monkeys at Goofy's Auto Shop to get started. Every Toon will have 200 complimentary tickets to spend on a Kart, accessories, and race entry fees. [*]December 20, 2005 [sv1.0.18.25] Bear is now available in Make-a-Toon. You can now purchase gifts from Clarabelle's Cattlelog for Toons on your Friends List. [*]January 12, 2006 [sv1.0.18.37] Start your engines! Goofy Speedway has expanded and now features three additional racetracks, as well as a Grand Prix tournament! [*]March 21, 2006 [sv1.0.19.8] We have added more features to the 3-day Trail account. Check it out! [*]April 25, 2006 [sv1.0.20.14] Court is now in Session - Lawbot HQ is here! Check out Polar Place, the new street in The Brrrgh, which not only leads to Lawbot HQ but is the new home to last month's winning Knock-Knock Joke Contest entries. [*]June 30, 2006 Toontown Germany service terminated. No possibility offered to migrate accounts into the UK or US system. [*]August 2, 2006 [sv1.0.21.9] Six Estate cannons will be available for a 48 hour rental period in your next issue of Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Winning designs from the T-Shirt Design Contest - 3 US winners and 1 UK winner - are now available for purchase from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. [*]September 14, 2006 [sv1.0.22.15] Estate gardening is here - can you dig it? Spruce up your Toon's estate with new gardening tools available in your next issue of Clarabelle's Cattlelog! Plant jellybeans around your house, add water, and watch 'em sprout. Once they've bloomed, pick 'em and sell 'em at the wheel-barrel to earn more jellybeans for planting! [*]October 25, 2006 [sv1.0.23.9] Stock up for battle with seven ultra-Toontastic new gags: High Dive, Train Track, Presentation, Opera Voice, Wedding Cake, Geyser, and Ocean Liner! [*]November 22, 2006 [sv1.0.24.10] Mac Only: A new Launcher was released and will automatically install when you next login through the Toontown website. [*]March 1, 2007 [sv1.0.25.13] Attention Toons over age 13! Toontown is now integrated with the new Disney XD on! [*]March 7, 2007 [sv1.0.25.14] The Toon Council is proud to announce our newest addition to Toontown -- please put your paws and hoofs together and join us in welcoming the Pig to our Toon family! Members can now create Pig Toons and bring a little swine to the party! [*]March 29, 2007 [sv1.0.26.8] The Toon Council is proud to announce four -- count 'em, four! -- new stops for the Trolley! Toons all over Toontown can enjoy these Toonerific new Trolley games. Toon Slingshot - Launch yourself into the Toonisphere! Jungle Vines - Swing from vine to vine! Treasure Dive - Dive and recover sunken treasure! Toon Memory Game - Find the most matching cards! [*]April 25, 2007 [sv1.0.27.5] The Toon Council has decreed that Toons should proceed with caution while invading Cog Headquarters. Therefore, elevator minimum Laff point requirements have been instituted to ensure the general safety of the Toon population. [*]June 27, 2007 [sv1.0.29.8] Attention Toons! We've added some new "Estate Party" themed SpeedChat phrases! Each Cattlelog update will feature four randomly chosen phrases (out of twelve total) for your shopping pleasure. Enjoy! [*]September 12, 2007 [sv1.0.30.12] Attention Toons! The tunnel to Toontown's newest neighborhood -- Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres -- is now open. That's right -- it's time to play some minigolf -- Toontown style! [*]November 12, 2007 [sv1.0.30.20] Toons of the World rejoice -- Toontown is now Vista compliant! The Toon Council is pleased to announce that Toontown is now available for Microsoft Vista users with our new PC Launcher. [*]December 4, 2007 [sv1.0.31.2] The Toon Council is pleased to announce that many in-game item limits have been increased, specifically:Toons can now carry up to 25 SpeedChat phrases. Clarabelle's Cattlelog has 2 new Estate closets available for purchase -- 20 and 25 item closets. Estates (including the attic) can now hold up to 45 items. The mailbox can now hold up to 30 items. [*]March 6, 2008 [sv1.0.32.17] Bossbot Headquarters Released! Attention Toons of Toontown! The Toon Council is pleased to announce that Toons are now cleared to storm the headquarters of the Bossbots. That's right, Bossbot Headquarters is now open! Toons can reach Bossbot HQ via Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf -- where a new Cog-constructed tunnel has mysteriously appeared. It turns out the Bossbots are hiding out in their Country Club, playing endless games of golf, and it's up to resourceful Toons to stop them! [*]May 2, 2008 [sv1.0.33.7] Fixed crash which occurs when you check a Toon's detail via the Toon Detail Panel through your Friends List. [*]June 25, 2008 [sv1.0.34.9] The Toon Council is excited to announce the arrival of some Toontastic Member-exclusive items to Clarabelle's Cattlelog! There are five brand-new acting lessons and three brand-new clothing sets available for purchase by long-standing Toontown players within a special section of the Cattlelog. Also, super-gardeners rejoice -- you can now plant a garden statue of any Toon in your account or any Toon on your Friends List! Four new gardening statues are available for purchase by expert gardeners with a Gold Shovel and a minimum of 639 Skill Points. [*]August 6, 2008 [sv1.0.35.5] Month of Trolley Games. Several new mini games released: Ice Slide, Photo Fun, Toon Escape, and Cog Thief. [*]September 25, 2008 [sv1.0.36.3] Attention Toons! The Toon Council is thrilled to announce that the top three Toon-designed furniture items are now ready for Toons to enjoy. These Toontastic new items are available for purchase starting with your next Cattlelog! [*]December 19, 2008 [sv1.0.37.5] Players have asked for more ways to chat in-game, and we've listened! The Toon Council is proud to announce our latest addition to Toontown: SpeedChat Plus! [*]January 7, 2009 [sv1.0.37.10] Toons now have a way to turn Type Chat sounds on/off via a new option in the Shticker Book's "Options" tab. Type Chat speech sounds are defaulted to "on", so when you type chat now you will hear your own Toon and other Toons' meow's and growl's! If you switch Type Chat sounds to "off", you will no longer hear your own Toon nor other Toons. [*]February 1st, 2009, the website designed for players from South East Asia, closed down. Toons could not migrate into the US or UK game. [*]March 17, 2009 [sv1.0.38.14] Boarding Groups Released: Players can use this feature to group with other Toons for boarding Cog HQ elevators/karts and Boss Battle elevators. A minimum of two Toons are required to form a Boarding Group, and players can create a group of up to either four or eight Toons to enter a Cog HQ elevator together. [*]March 26, 2009 [sv1.0.38.20] Toon Parties: Toon Parties - Have a party with your Toon friends, or make new friends in a public party! Try your best Toon-moves on the Dance Floor, have a blasting good time with party Cannons, or see how high you can jump on a Trampoline! Even earn JellyBeans while having a great time with your friends. At this time, only Members can host a Toon Party, but all Toons -- Members and Free players -- can attend a party. The initial cost to create a party is 100 JellyBeans. There are many activities and decorations available to rent, so you can plan the perfect Toon Party. [*]July 2, 2009 [sv1.0.38.38] New Summer Fireworks Show. 4th of July catalog items available for a limited time. Catalog resort(least expensive items first). Toons will not get credit for "passing" in group battles against Cogs. A sleepy Toon now has an automatic reply capability. Also, the battle GUI will let players know who is passing during a Cog battle. [*]July 16 & July 30, 2009 [sv1.0.38.41] Some new Party updates: New Tug-of-War Game. Noise Maker Decoration. Up to 10 cannons per party. Up to 8 trampolines per party. Added Party Fireworks. Added Party Gate and Pinwheel Decorations. [*]August 12, 2009 [sv1.0.38.50] Update to enable SpeedChat Plus for UK accounts. This was in fact 236 days after it had been released on US open server! All those days UK toons weren't able to communicate in the same way like US players already did. SpeedChat Plus is a form of type chat that allows users to communicate by using the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary. Words that are not in the dictionary will be highlighted in red if you have no friends yet, otherwise displayed in italics. You then have the opportunity to choose alternative words prior to sending your message. You have to enable this option in your account management. [*] August 27, 2009 [sv1.0.38.54] New "Pick A Toon" and "Make A Toon" experience. A new design of the Create-A-Toon and you have the option to skip the Toontorial. So it received a Toon-up with fun new scenes and some really cool features -- including a random Toon selection option. Party Catch attraction added to Parties. [*]August 31, 2009 Toontown Brasil service discontinued. No possibility offered to migrate accounts into the US system. [*]September 30, 2009 Toontown France service terminated. No possibility offered to migrate accounts into the UK or US system. [*]October 21, 2009 [sv1.0.39.3] New Trick-or-Treat game play update. New Halloween Decorations. Halloween themed clothing. New Classic Characters in Halloween costumes. [*]November 18, 2009 [sv1.0.39.5] Enhanced "Ignore" button functionality, so that other requests are properly ignored as well besides emotes and chats. Now Friend Requests and Boarding Group requests will also be ignored. [*]December 8, 2009 [sv1.0.39.8] New Winter Holiday Cattlelog items. Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. [*]December 22, 2009 [sv1.0.39.13] New Winter Holiday Toon Caroling game play. Visit the six participating shopkeepers, sing them a holiday carol from your SpeedChat menu and receive a snowman head effect for your Toon. [*]January 29, 2010 [sv1.0.39.21] Toontown's new website. A complete renovation of its design and functionality. [*]February 10, 2010 [sv1.0.39.24] "Toon News ... for the Amused!" introduced. Simply click on the new "News" button (it's the red button with a typewriter icon) at the top of your screen to read up on all the latest goings-ons in Toontown! [*]March 31, 2010 [sv1.0.39.34] April Toons' Week -- a holiday built by Toons for Toons going from April 1 through April 7. Toon Estates have gone wackier than usual! It looks like Toon Gravity has been lowered. Interact with your pet Doodle at your Estate and see what's really on their mind! They talk! Some Neighborhood Characters have gone for a stroll, try to find each, and be sure to say hello when you do! [*]May 14, 2010 [sv1.0.40.9] Toon Hall redesigned and Silly Meter introduced. The latter doesn't really make much sense, it's just silly. New Toon Hall interior New office for Flippy in Toon Hall Added Silly Story SpeedChat phrases Added Silly Surges to Cog battles Animated props on the streets giving one gag row a boost like if it was planted if you have a street battle near to them. [*]July 22, 2010 [sv1.0.40.26] New Cog-O-War parties game Victory Parties release Toon Troop hosts [*]August 1, 2010 Toontown UK shut down. All UK accounts and toons could become migrated into the US system. [*]August 11, 2010 [sv1.0.40.31] Districts list updated [*]August 25, 2010 [sv1.0.40.35] Operation: Storm Sellbot! An opportunity for all Toons of every Laff to take a crack at the VP. The event took place in the Sellbot HQ and the most important feature was that every Toon (including non-members and Toons without Sellbot Cog Suits) were allowed to battle the Vice President. If the Toon didn't have enough merits then they wouldn't gain a promotion. Event ended on Sep 21, 2010. Along with this Disney was also introducing an official Toontown Channel on unapproved site name. [*]August 31, 2010 Toontown Japan service terminated. No possibility offered to migrate accounts into the US system. [*]September 1, 2010 [sv1.0.40.36] New "Flappy Cog" Cattlelog specialty item [*]September 29, 2010 [sv1.0.40.38] 12,000 Jellybean Bank released Jellybean Jam event New Cattlelog Items [*]October 20, 2010 [sv1.0.40.40] Halloween week. New Cattlelog Items [*]November 10, 2010 [sv1.0.40.41] Delete "Just for fun!" ToonTask support Street signs updated Toon Trooper hosts [*]December 8, 2010 [sv1.0.40.43] Winter Holiday themes New Cattlelog Items [*]January 12, 2011 [sv1.0.41.5] Added fixed aspect ratios for windowed display mode ValenToons holiday updates [*]January 26, 2011 [sv1.0.41.6] Removed fixed aspect ratios for windowed display mode after huge amounts of protests from players. [*]February 17, 2010 [sv1.0.43.4] Sellbot Field Offices have landed! Sellbot V.P. reward increased to two SOS Toon cards Photo Fun removed from Trolley Games [*]March 9, 2011 [sv1.0.44.1] A 50 items closet is introduced, that's DOUBLE the old maximum. New Toon colors added to Create-a-Toon [*]May 11, 2011 [sv1.0.45.3] Updated gags and Gag Track training. The final gag training ToonTask for the third Gag Track is now available for Free players Doubled the effectiveness of watering gardens [*]July 14, 2011 [sv1.0.47.5] Toons can buy accessories from Clarabelle's Catalog. Accessorize your Toon with tons of new hats, glasses, hairdos, backpacks, wings and shoes. Accessory trunks can be purchased via the catalog and it's a must have to store accessories! [*]December 5, 2011 [sv1.0.47.11] New Toon name selections in Make-A-Toon. [*]March 16, 2012 [sv1.0.47.14] Corrected the appearance of some accessories on Toons that have changed their look, such as hats on the pumpkin head, or turning into a green Toon Toons will notice more Cog Buildings popping up than Field Offices now cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  4. Why Toontown is Still Running & Why Pirates Was Never a True Success

    very nicely said and put up. thanks for this.
  5. Happy Holidays!

    (click to enlarge) I want to wish each and every one of you happiness and love and a very Merry Christmas. Today and tomorrow we celebrate with friends and family and I hope everyone stays safe and has a wonderful holiday season. Let the heavens ring with jolly holly in Toontown, too. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  6. New Toon Accessories!

    There is no sign of Viking Hat on Test yet. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  7. New Toon Accessories!

    Clarabelle, Toontown’s top Toon designer, has been working hard creating wacky and wonderful new accessories for Toons to wear – and Clarabelle's Big Cattlelog Surprise is finally here! Toons can now really stand out and express themselves with the latest, most Toontastic accessory items available in Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. Shoes, glasses, backpacks and hats – now Toons can wear it all! And that’s just for starters… When she had the brilliant idea to create the zaniest, most way-out accessories for her Cattlelog, Clarabelle went straight to Professor Preposterous at Loony Labs for help. After all, when you’re designing amazing stuff like scuba tanks, dragonfly wings and jet packs, who better to ask than the Toon Scientists? Getting your new accessories is a snap! First go to Clarabelle’s Cattlelog and buy a new trunk for storing your accessories. Accessories can only be kept in a trunk, not your usual wardrobe. Then start browsing all the amazing accessory choices! Just like regular Cattlelog items, it takes Clarabelle about an hour to ship accessories right to your Estate mailbox. TOON TIP: If you don’t yet see the new trunk in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry! The trunk will appear in your next Cattlelog soon. Once you buy the trunk, it takes a day to ship, so you’ll have to wait until you receive your trunk before getting your first accessories out of your mailbox. Call Clarabelle today and look your Toontastic best for summer, because this first batch of Toontastic accessories is only just the beginning!
  8. Live Chat on toontown uk website always off..

    Thanks for your reply. Glad you got it solved. My friend and his adult son got their toons transferred from their old UK accounts meanwhile. But we had to be patient and communicated through mail via My friend and his son had to provide three major infos to identify that they are the owners of the accounts: Email address that was used to create your account. Date of birth that was entered on your account. Full mailing address that was entered at the time of purchase. They even gave hints about the email address, read below. which I found funny, but of course helpful for my friend. The support ticket was resolved a couple of mails later cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  9. Live Chat on toontown uk website always off..

    I think the UK website Live Chat is discontinued for the subject of the UK Account update. You need to go here: The Live Chat is available on Wednesday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time, which is 5:30pm to 0:30am GMT. But this is of course only possible for members that have a subscription, as you are led to the login page first. However I think there is a trick to get around it. Try this link. You can also email them at for requests about your UK account. However I agree they are really poor with their support about it. See the mail exchange below that I had formulated for an austrian friend just a couple of days ago. Of course I removed all the real details about email addresses and account IDs here. They replied within a day but you can really tell they do not read the mail properly! So I told my friend to send this in return, and we're waiting for an answer on this for 4 days now! It can be really painful to contact them and get help. See the chat logs I had about this issue below. At first I wanted to know if it is worth the effort to get my friends old accounts migrated from UK to the US system, so that they would be getting their toons transferred. I went on Live Chat about to get this clarified. Another friend of mine got her toons transferred, but her old account was already migrated, so I wasn't sure if they really still do these transfers. Then my friend said their main problem is that that they forgot their old User IDs or the ones they remember would not work. I went on Live Chat again, and it was awful to get somebody who wasn't willing to help when I said that I am asking on behalf of them. I thought, 'Jerks, how do they know I am not him? He could be sitting next to me!' Yeah it was perhaps a little silly to be truthful about my own identity, but perhaps I only just got to the wrong person who was having a bad day. I went on it again, this time stating I was him. Frustrating, really. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  10. End of Toontown Japan

    This is a wrong information. Even when you don't know about Japanese, you can use an online translator for In this FAQ it says "Thun" obviously means "Toon" and it clearly says no migration. There is no indication on the Japanese site giving instructions on how to transfer the account like there is on the UK site. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  11. Important news for UK toons

    Actually, I am not worried about losing true friends once again or having to plant the trees one more time. That is repairable. I am worried for all those players that cannot pay any more, or have to pay more than before. Or that cannot contact the member service through phone when they have to because Disney asks for it. Toontown US is more expensive when you subscribe on a 6 month or annual membership. We have a couple of members that are using the special offer of TT UK "Back to School 2008" for only £ 23.19 [$33.71] on a semi annual subscription. I have put down this chart below to compare the prices. It shows them in three currencies (US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros). Here you can see that only the monthly subscription is slightly cheaper (with the present exchange rates that may vary eventually). When looking at the tarif for the special offer of 2008 that should stay as long as your membership is valid, the users have to pay nearly 50% more in US! Disney is changing the rates with a big disadvantage for long-term members. We know now for certain that the former UK rates and special offers will not continue. We also know that the move to US needs active action done by the members through creating a new UserID and approval to the Terms of Use, EULA etc. Doing this is the only legal method, as the company can't force players to accept new rates and conditions just without approval. It's okay to do it like that, but sad to know that long-term members lose their bargain. Toontown US is unattainable via phone TT member services very often wanted the players to call them when there was a suspension to be able to talk to an adult. This was not possible for German players, and I don't know about other countries. Well you could say now they should not play the US game in the first place and this is actually what you got as an answer on Live Chat or through mail if you were stuck in such a problem. Many players sadly had to give up their toons because of this. And now they're going back to the US system with newly created accounts on UK. How silly is this? The unattainability was not always like this; I often contacted the support team back until 2007 to help on account or billing problems for others. Also, the UK member services requested players to call them on certain issues, mostly suspensions. They rang back after leaving a number on an answering machine at the number I mentioned before. It is still a Disney number in London Hammersmith until now. However, now they are going to migrate all UK players on the US system. They have to think about how to deal with customer problems that cannot be handled easily through mail. In particular, the numbers must be contactable again. Toontown US cannot be paid for The payment systems PayPal and Click&Buy will become discontinued. The PayPal system connected to Toontown US is different to the one in Europe, you'll need a credit card to approve your registration. And - at least in my country - not many households have an AmEx, Master or Visa card. This is the main problem. They are not getting one easily, and not even wanting one either, because there is mostly an additional charge to existing (and free) Electronic cash (EC / Maestro) debit cards with which nearly everyone here and in Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Denmark and many other central European countries does all of the money business. Check out Wikipedia on debit card systems, history and regulations in different countries and you will see where the problem lies. Disney must know the numbers of UK players not using credit card payment. And they'll see how many they gonna lose on the move. I predict many will be giving up the game. In particular because Toontown has lost its thrill too. None of the additions since the release of Boss HQ two years ago was really demanding or motivating further game play for teens or more mature players, who want to have some challenge by for instance racing for laff points. If there weren't the many active communities and the friendships bracelets formed through it, Toontown would be an empty desert. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  12. Important news for UK toons

    A couple of questions still remain: What about all those accounts that have a user id which is already existing in the US game? Will the payment systems stay? The main reason for many players in Europe to play the UK game is that you don't need a credit card, but can still use Paypal or Click & Buy. They already removed the Wallie prepaid card system a while ago. The US Paypal system does not seem to work for European users, as it also wants a credit card approval. You should know that at least in my country (Germany) credit cards are not as commonly spread as it is in US or UK. Most households have a so called EC card to get cash from the automated teller or pay cashless in a supermarket. For online shops or online games, EC cards are not accepted. I know that most of my German friends playing UK will be really worried about this. What about all those free accounts existing in UK? I have a lot of friends that paused playing and paying, but they still want to keep their toons (which they could until now). Some say they may want to continue to play later - or play as a free member now and then. When reading the text above they should still be able to play on the US system without the need of doing something (besides downloading the US game & Launcher). But only if they can keep their username. However, if that username is already existing, Disney and the users have a problem. Disney could adapt the username, but still need to inform the user about the change. Hopefully the email address registered in the account is still valid. Will the US customer support phone number be accessible for every country? I guess Disney is not even aware that contacting them through phone is not possible on +1 888 332-1626 and neither +1 877 905-4200 from everywhere. You always get to hear "The number you have dialed is not available at your area at this time" when calling from Germany. The only possible number we can call is Disney's common memberservice on +1 877 466-6669 or +1 503 626-5477, but these guys could never solve account problems like with billings, suspensions or parents settings etc. We also had a UK number to call (+44 20 8222 3598) when there was an account suspension - this will surely not stay. The members will have the live chat opportunity (, but in the past they always wanted players to call them to lift an account suspension. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  13. Attention: Toontown UK players will lose their SF today!

    They fixed it now. The old payment options are back, the subscribed VIP accounts are reinstated. But the players who went on their accounts since the problem occured first this afternoon have lost their true friends. Well, they are still on the list, but in green now. Always keep in mind when you find only two toons in the toon selection and the signpost "Become a member" on the four other spots, better not start to play any toon if you want to keep your true friends in blue. Better pause your gameplay until the problem is fixed. Toontown can't help you to get your friends back into the old status. However, it's not so difficult anymore to exchange codes now with the help of Speedchat plus. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°
  14. Attention: Toontown UK players will lose their SF today!

    UK accounts are today facing the same problem again: It seems that all accounts went to free player status and appear as unpaid. This means you can only see your two centered toon in the toon selection. It also means when you start playing these toons, you will lose all your True Friends, they will be set back to green. Better check your account settings on the UK site before starting to play. If it also shows this message (see red arrow below) I would better not bother to play. cu, Fräulein Trixie °¿°