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  1. It's sad to see this site become a ghost town so soon... it hurts. :(

  2. That's a shame...
  3. I thought they did with the subforum?
  4. So... what is TTR going to do now without TTK? Are they aware of this?
  5. Hey uhh... in case you see this before the site goes... just wanted to say sorry for how I acted long ago and treat you as if you were bullying me.

    Thought I give some closure between us, even though we haven't spoke in forever. Hope you're doing alright out there... see ya.

  6. Thought I reblog my last entry I made back in 2015, in hopes my message spreads further than it did before. If anyone wants to stay in contact with me: Discord, Steam, e-mail, or Fur Affinity are the available options. Discord and e-mail may be the best as Steam is more for gamers and FA is more for people who have interest in Furry artwork and plan to use it in some form of passion.
  7. If anyone wants to stay in contact with me, here are 4 possible ways: Steam, Discord, e-mail, Fur Affinity. I recommend the first three as the better choice, while the fourth I would only choose if you already have an account or plan to use it often. Send me a PM. I'll check in daily a few times for any messages.

    I do have a suggestion for the mod team: We could move the community to a discord server. It's not hard to make, but getting the message out there will be tricky and time is against us. Sooner we get it set up and the message out, the more people from Toontask that'll join and keep in touch either as an individual or as a whole. While I may be only delaying the inevitable myself... it's an option. Contact me if you're interested and I'll help out as much as I can.

    In other news, just gotten my 2DS XL recently and loving it... first DS I ever gotten so there was a lot of "first" things to take care of. I have no interest in sharing my friend code except for close friends. Enjoying my physical copy of Pokemon Moon that I purchased months prior with a now-extra charger. Also posted a short story I made a few months ago. Haven't posted a story here in... a decade? I'm old...

  8. OH NO! I didn't know about this till I decided to visit it... this is heart breaking. I've had good times and... well a lot of bad times too looking back on it... I was bit of a jerk to a lot of people that I still think I caused a Mod to leave... really regret that. Met a lot of friends here, however sadly I've since lost contact with or barely see anymore. I hate to see the site go, but... since officially Toontown is gone and TTR is nice to have, it's just not the same experience anymore. This is going to hurt a lot... like saying bye to an old friend but for good. It really is a shame to see this go but... times change, they always do, especially with ways of communicating and how. Well... if anyone wants to keep in touch with me, a very old Toontask veteran who has become very inactive in recent years, I have various ways of being reached: Steam, Fur Affinity, e-mail, or Discord. (I'd recommend the first, third, or fourth option, only second if you have an account already and plan to be use it often.) I'll try to check here often up to the date for any messages. I'll be sending out messages to those that I don't want to lose contact with and see if I can get something... Was nice while it lasted. Always a toon though. Edit with Suggestion: We could move the community to a Discord server. It's not hard to set up and manage, however feature wise compared to here will be limited. It's another option next to Facebook. If the mod team is interested, I don't mind help setting it up. Been using it for almost a year and have a fair understanding and experience with it. Just thought I offer some help to people keep in touch a bit easier, individual or as a whole.
  9. Nice to see TTK and TTR are still around... would be nice if I could change my e-mail address on TTR though... guess security reasons.

    1. Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Why don't you try emailing them from your new email address & ask them if they can change it. You can find an email address on the bottom of the "Help" section of the TTR website

  10. ...where did my award for the racing event go?! D=

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    2. ~ButterflyWings


      A butterfly with an amazing award.

    3. Cool Lefty Electrobrains
    4. BluePaw


      Yay. :3 Date is wrong but glad it's back. ^_^

  11. Still alive!

    1. ~ButterflyWings


      ah ah ah ah stayin alive stayin alive

    2. BluePaw


      ...should've seen that one coming.

    3. ~ButterflyWings
  12. Be sure to enjoy every moment with a dear friend(s) of yours. Pretend the day may be either yours or their(s) last. But never forget the memories you had and be afraid to let go to move on in life.

  13. ...How do I make a black cat again?

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    2. Crystal Gem LWN

      Crystal Gem LWN

      You say "Toontastic!" and no, unfortunately. It only works for newly created cats.

    3. That Handsome Guy
    4. BluePaw


      Oh... well that explain it...

  14. Don't I look adorable? :D

  15. Those moments you get a UR by chance without even looking for it... CONCORD GET! :D