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  1. If anyone wants to stay in contact with me, here are 4 possible ways: Steam, Discord, e-mail, Fur Affinity. I recommend the first three as the better choice, while the fourth I would only choose if you already have an account or plan to use it often. Send me a PM. I'll check in daily a few times for any messages.

    I do have a suggestion for the mod team: We could move the community to a discord server. It's not hard to make, but getting the message out there will be tricky and time is against us. Sooner we get it set up and the message out, the more people from Toontask that'll join and keep in touch either as an individual or as a whole. While I may be only delaying the inevitable myself... it's an option. Contact me if you're interested and I'll help out as much as I can.

    In other news, just gotten my 2DS XL recently and loving it... first DS I ever gotten so there was a lot of "first" things to take care of. I have no interest in sharing my friend code except for close friends. Enjoying my physical copy of Pokemon Moon that I purchased months prior with a now-extra charger. Also posted a short story I made a few months ago. Haven't posted a story here in... a decade? I'm old...