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  1. If it can help for someone else who have problems with Disney, all old 'deactivated UK account' should still be available with username ttuk1_oldaccountname with same old UK password. At least it should let you play the time disney accepts to help.
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Ommmmgggggg, t'es revenue ???!!!

  6. Important news for UK toons

    No, you'll not lose your skill gardening or laffs, only what you planted just before the transfer is done. If you have a gag track planted, you'll have to plant it again and it will takes some days to grow again. That's the main problem.
  7. Important news for UK toons

    I thought about it too and you'll probably have to plant them again Transfering toons from an account to an other = no more trees usually
  8. Important news for UK toons

    The news is back, they just changed the name of it http://www.disney.co.uk/toontown/news.html?article=AcctMoveNotification * 1.1 What do I need to do to move my account? * 1.2 What will I need to do to confirm the account move? * 1.3 What if I don’t want to move my account info? * 1.4 What’s in it for me and my Toons? * 1.5 Can I keep my Member Name? * 1.6 Do I get to keep all my Toons and in-game information? * 1.7 What if I subscribe with PayPal? * 1.8 What if I pay using Click&Buy? * 1.9 What if I pay using a credit card? * 1.10 What about chat? * 1.11 Will my in-game experience change? * 1.12 What happened to Master Passwords and Login Passwords? * 1.13 What is a Parent Account? And why do I need to create one? * 1.14 What if my Toons appear on the wrong account (parent and/or child) after I move?
  9. Important news for UK toons

    No. No changes will be made before August 1, 2010. I tried like you and it didn't work. It doesn't recognize me yet with my 3 UK accounts on the US website. And about the clock, I see it in french time and it's correct.
  10. April Showers Bring May Flowers Movie Voting!

    Oh thanks Ben...I didn't know it was possible to put a link in there.
  11. April Showers Bring May Flowers Movie Voting!

    Am I blind ? I can't find videos I even searched in other topics, clicked on some links...
  12. The payement page you see is the one they have on their test website. They already did it one or two years ago.
  13. Don't worry about it, they know who payed and who didn't ;o)