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  1. MapleStory 2012

    It does. I'm on Windows 7 and it works completely fine for me.
  2. MapleStory 2012

    I got back into it too. I'm tired of my world and I'm thinking of switching. Might go to Bera.
  3. Hey guys! I lost my membership about 2 weeks ago. :(. I'll still be on here for a while every week, though!

  4. Sure. Where do you want to meet?

  5. At least you still have your main toon. I deleted Ricky. I wanted to work on the tasks again (got tired of "Just for Fun!" tasks) and have regretted it ever since.

  6. Well I havent been on this for a WHILE.

  7. Anyone else ever notice this hidden polearm?

    Check it out for yourself.
  8. Level Up Thread

    Level 21 on my new DW.