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    Hiya =].. My toons name is Queen Daffodil, she's an always invisible red kitty. I'm OBSESSED with Twilight. I've almost read all the books and I can't WAIT for the movie. I'm reading Breaking Dawn right now, and I swear it is the best book in the history of books. >:] It's pretty much my life. Twilight. Yep. Sounds pathetic, but it's so true. I LOVE TWILIGHT. And Edward Cullen. =] <br />
  1. I want to change my signature! I havent been on in so long... a lot has changed. cant figure anything out. :P its fun looking at my old posts!

  2. Edward Cullen ftw. xD

  3. Heyaz. I'm back on TTK. It's been a while! :D! I REALLY need to update some of my stuff. and I see that the JBS are back. Shweet ^.^

  4. HEEEEYZ! I'm Miss Violet Fiddlebee. HIII!!

  5. Happy late birthday.. =( Wished I was here lol.

  6. I Don't Think So D: .. It Lets Me Keep Two Toons. And It Wont Let Me Secret Friend B.c I'm Not A Member D:

  7. DUDE, Just because she's married on tt doesn't mean I can't be her friend!

  8. when was the last time your interests got changed that is so wrong i told u a list of what ur family realy is i mean come on crazycat girl was married on tt be4 u yea thats right. little cuddles purplemuffin is wrong she says stuff she shouldnt her friend is cuddles she says what cuddles say u what know what she says bc ur a girl only guys no so u should know what im talking about (its sadly true

  9. Uhh yeah, I'm blocking you. do you THINK I care about how good ur dumb family is? NOPE :D So go away.

  10. wow change ur bff list 3 of those people left your family 2 because popcorn is bossy and mean 2 us telling how our house looks good thing he cant talk 2 sfs and the other one 2 join my family bc mine is better than urs o yea go me

  11. I heard my name and look at my blog I just did 3 more entrys :)

  12. daf tell lolli im not going to be off for 3 days i got suspended for something and idk y

  13. daff! i have been findin lot of my sf on ttk!! like crazycat and u and who else............................................................................................................. i dunno! X3