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  1. Hello everyone! Decided to check up on TTK. How's it going?

    1. Micheboo


      Good and you?

    2. Catsup


      That's great, Miche. I'm doing fine.

    3. Micheboo


      That is good to hear.

  2. Hii, Yesyesyes I do remember you. sorry for late reply been busy with school and stuff. What's uppp?

  3. Wish I remembered how to change my member title.

    1. Ben


      you have to buy them in the cattelog with jellybeans that you earn from posting.

    2. Evina



      What he said. Sorry. :/

    3. Catsup


      Ah, thanks Ben!

  4. Hey, so glad you're back! :) Remember me?

  5. I need to pay a visit to TTK more often!

  6. I miss my TT friends... :'(

    1. ~ButterflyWings
    2. Catsup


      Gracious me! Hello, forgive me for the months late reply. How are you doing? :) I seem to forget who you are, forgive me for that too! D: I'm so forgetful.

  7. I knoww! Yeah Im not.. really.. at all.. lol XD. This year was really busy for me, and it doesnt really help I sorta lost interested in toontown P:.

    Anyhoo I'm good.

    How are you (: ?

    1. Catsup


      The TTK site is so different! I couldn't find my profile comments... I'm still senile as ever, remember? :P Lol. Anyway, things have been fluctuating from good to bad for me. I've been okay. Since it's been so long, how've you been doing, SDW? Although, I miss how we used to talk. :( *sighs* Those were the days!

  8. Aw... I miss the old TTK.

  9. Hey, long time no talk SDW! How've you been? I see you're not too active anymore. :( ( Just like I am. )

  10. aha like my personal photo(: i still think itsadorable

  11. Happy Birthday!!! :D

  12. Happy Birthday!!!:)

  13. Voted.
  14. Your drawings are very cute