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    Missing My Home In Italy
  1. Royal Blue Shark bite ';,,;'

  2. Post your name and level!

    I was so bored last summer I got 7 runescape accounts to 126 but then Some kid kept following me on each one and when I tried to log on any of them it said the pass was changed so, 7 126s hacked. and I think I have my one level 98 named Eeyore that I haven't played in so long.
  3. sorry I missed you :(

  4. hhas* a buddeh lol sorry

  5. Awsome- Eeyore had a buddeh =B Just to tell you Makalea im his cousin so yah :P

  6. I am very happy :) hope to see you online and now if I have to tell you something that I couldnt in game I can here yeah!!!

  7. Hey your Zowie Sparkle berry! Yes I know you ^-^

  8. are you the same toon I have on my friends list in game???

  9. *Pokes Eeyore*


  10. Hiya Eeyore! FireStar says hi. XD

  11. What Do You Mean, What Is He Talking About?