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  1. i like your Pichu's on your avatar.:)

  2. : im bored now.... idk what to do too early to sleep

  3. It's over? o.o

    WEll, CONGRATS! I'll post the congrats post tomorrow, and make you the award, and send u the prize :)

  4. i won the Hunger Games round 2 :o

  5. And you'll be in it for sure!

  6. I'm sorry you weren't chosen to partecipate in Round one of "The Hunger Gamres", however, you're name has been put into the chosen of round two, and you will not be required to enter via Lottery.

    In other words, you're in round two... I wasn't kidding when I said I would randomly pick the numbers, I used one of those random number generator thingys XD

  7. yea IM MUSTARD im part of the original four piggies :o

  8. there you go commet box there you go