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  1. If anyone wants to keep in touch, send me a message, I have most social medias :P:) xo

  2. I don't really post anymore but I really feel like I need to for this.. Like a couple of you already said, I knew this day would come but I don't think i'm ready to let it go! Even though I stopped being active a very long time ago, I still have Toontask in my heart and I have to check in regularly to see whats going on and it upsets me knowing I wont be able to do that anymore! But it's true, all good things do have to come to an end. Toontask was the first forum I ever joined and the only forum I have ever used so much and made so many friends on. Back when I was little, nobody in my school played Toontown but then I joined Toontask and I used to enjoy coming back from school just so I could play with all my friends on here. I have made so many memories here, from trying to start my own Guild or trying to get a bunch of random toons on Toontown to join Toontask (It worked lol) to having daily Skype conversations with a couple of members from here (sorry mods, I know it wasnt allowed haha) and trying to collect loads of jellybeans so I could change my display name a 100 times Just want to say thank you to all the friendships and the memories. Toontask will forever stay in my heart.
  3. "Deja is alright. ALWAYS!!"****

    1. Kiim


      You know, that was posted YEARS ago hahah

    2. Deja Vu

      Deja Vu

      I remember lol


  4. yo ?☺️

  5. Lol same, thank god I only have 2 classes now

  6. Oh god, tell me about it hahah, ive had senioritis since christmas. i just cant be bothered for anything!

  7. Back for Easter :)

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    2. ~ButterflyWings


      I think you mean.. back forever.

    3. Kiim


      aww thanks guys :P

      and oops i meant back forever**

    4. Silly Slippy

      Silly Slippy

      don't worry we'll keep you captive if you decide to leave anyway

  8. Haha well thts good, and it's terrible I have the worst case of senioritis lol

  9. Thaanks, i didnt too bad after all haha :P. Hows school?

  10. Ah thanks :P and good luck with that lol :3

  11. aaaaaah well done :D, i get the results back for mine on friday.. :/

  12. They were pretty easy, I passed them all

  13. Ahh how did your finals go?

  14. Ya lol I came back then had another 2 week break for finals

  15. lolol i havent been on in like a month.. you started school yet?