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  1. Get PS3, or wait for PSPGo?

    Actually, it won't contain any UMD Drive making compatibility to normal PSP UMD Disc not possible.
  2. I don't want to. Because UK doesn't even have Speedchat Plus, so why just see meow, quacky, eek, etc.?
  3. Best and Worst video games ever

    umm, what about Duck Tales or Chip and Dales for NES. They were entertaining Good: Viva Piñata, Super Mario Series, Sonic Old School Games (except Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 ), Mario Kart Series, Smash Bros Melee (shortly Brawl ), some Online Games that you never will know! Bad: Sonic the Hedgehog Series (Newer ones), Sports Games, Racing Games, bad Party Games like Monopoly on Console and PC, Tamagotchi: Party On! (WHY DID I BUY THIS?? D=). There are more Games that i just can't think of now.
  4. France TT

    Informatical Bump: Well, the German is already dead. They can't get a Playground without a Server (Toontown). As for the Level 7 Gags. I dont think Japan does have any Level 7 Gags nor Lawbot and Goofy's Speedway. So US/UK/SEA is the only Toontown with Level 7 Gags.
  5. Toontown

    Yes, i know that. Because i posted my Post 1 Day before the Update to UK came. So thats why i say'd US.
  6. Toontown

    *cough* You can have Unlimited Free Trial in US *cough*
  7. UK Account = FR Account

    Hey, i want to say that if some people noticed that if you have a subscribed UK Account you can play the FR TT, but your Toons are not here. So Vice-Versa? I think its nice to play in other Language because i have a UK Account What do you People think about this?
  8. April 28, 2006 [sv1.0.20.16.test]

    Hey, on the VP you can't click other Toons Oh Great, the Sellbot HQ is more Easier

    That's so Stupid. A Bug caused that the 2nd Hand on the Door didn't Open it was in the Laser Game. One used 2 SOS Cards and i used 1 SOS Card for nothing