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  1. I'm a day late, but wow! I've been on Toontask for 10 years now :o

  2. The only topics being posted in are for birthdays, except for a couple outliers. :(

    1. Evina


      Yeah, this site is practically dead. :(

    2. Silly Slippy

      Silly Slippy

      It's kind of sad to watch... there's barely even any TTR posts anymore.

    3. ~ButterflyWings


      Hmm.. perhaps we should all post. That might make a difference.

  3. Guess who made dean's list! :celebrate:

    1. Lotus


      why does Dean have a list

    2. Cool Lefty Electrobrains
  4. Only halfway done with an essay that's due in 4 hours. Yeee

  5. Nothing in high school prepared me for essays that are worth 25% of your entire semester grade. O_O

    1. ~ButterflyWings
    2. That Handsome Guy

      That Handsome Guy

      Or a final exam worth 50% of your entire grade...

  6. i just realized your icon is from that one video of "Sail" by AWOLNATION, lol

  7. College football games are so much better than high school games :D

    1. BluePaw


      What if I said I hated both? :P

    2. That Handsome Guy

      That Handsome Guy

      I went to an arts high school, so no football there... But I've enjoyed my college football games so far :P

  8. Help! How do I bring my pantry to college?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BluePaw


      First you get a chainsaw and a mallet... break it into pieces, bring the pieces with you, put them back together, there's your pantry! :D

    3. Silly Slippy

      Silly Slippy

      Teleport holes!

    4. jared!


      All good ideas... but teleport holes seem the easiest and most realistic!

  9. Just started final Lil Oldman task. It begins...

    1. Violet


      god speed soldier

    2. Deja Vu

      Deja Vu

      Am I the only person who enjoys those tasks? :P

  10. it's been 3 years, time to change my name. xD

  11. austin? :o

    1. kiki.


      inside joke in chat

  12. I drove on the freeway for the first time today! It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Violet


      my first time on the freeway was cute. its like a 65mph zone and i was going just that in the right-most lane. i was a baby. it's scary at first you get used to it!

    3. kiki.


      My first time, I did well! Better than most other people on the road.

    4. Doctor Dusty

      Doctor Dusty

      i was told 'just get on, they'll move over for you' ummm not good advice, hope you have a better teacher than i

  13. My Sim just washed his cup in the bathroom sink... oh my.

    1. kiki.


      mine do that a lot o_o

    2. Lotus


      That's why when I make a house, I try not to put the kitchen next to the bathroom. lol

  14. pharmacy tech class is kicking my face :(

  15. All my friends are leaving for NYC tomorrow. I'm so jealous :(