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  1. gaia online.

    i get that part, but how do you like "search" them, for example if you met someone on zOh My Gosh and they left before you can get to their profile, is there a way? i don't even see the similarities in the two... or i'm just dumb. most likely the second choice.
  2. gaia online.

    noob question... how do you add people? lol.
  3. what in the world...

    happened to maplestory? i just got on today after my year-long break and i see all of these new jobs and stuff... can someone explain? lol.
  4. gaia online.

    soooo i just made a gaia account and i have no friends ): hahaa. i have no idea what i'm doing so if someone can help me out, i'd appreciate it. my name on gaia is kaylabbyx3.
  5. >.<

    I'm a die hard A7X fan lol.

  6. at least someone knows who he is. one of my friends irl who are supposedly diehard A7X fans didn't know who he was when he died. -_-

  7. Nahh, I've been a long time fan. The Rev was my inspiration.

  8. yo, i thought i was the only one on TTK who knew who The Rev actually was. D;

  9. thanks :D i've had it for a year on the 'space but i finally changed it on here, lol.

  10. yeah, i like your name, it's cute. :B

  11. you do, lol.

    i hadn't changed my name in a year, but i finally changed it the other day.

  12. no problem, i get that sometimes, anyway, 'cause i change my name alot. :P