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  1. Happy Father's Day to all our TTK Dads!!

  2. It's here!! I just uploaded it this am.... Can't wait to try it though.... Hope my kids aren't unruly!!! That photo of the paint all over the floor in the bathroom cracks me up... LOL
  3. Happy New Years Everyone!!!
  4. Hope Everyone is enjoying their Holiday's and got all their wishes to come true <3
  5. Happy Birithday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Micheboooooo, Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!!!!  <3 :Miche:

    1. Micheboo


      Thank You! :hug: 

  6. Wow!! That is awesome!!
  7. Happy Father's Day to all Dad's here!! Enjoy your day <3
  8. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!! Hope you all had a fantastic day <3
  9. I went for my walk/jog and I can't believe it feels like 80 pIus with the sun here!!  I'm loving my new home state!!!

    1. Lotus


      80 degrees is gross. 60 too cold. 70 and we have a deal

    2. Colonel Thundercrunch

      Colonel Thundercrunch

      *gives Dylan 70 degree C weather*

    3. ~ButterflyWings


      It was mid 40s here. Excitingly warm for February. Last year it was -14.

  10. OMGosh that squeak is everywhere I go here!!  LOL  <3

  11. Happy Holidays to all here at TTK and Merry Christmas too!!! Hope you all get what you want from Santa tomorrow!!!!! I am so happy to be around a bit more than I had in the past here!!! You all are a great bunch of friends!!!!! Enjoy your Celebrations and if your in school, your mini vacations!!!!
  12. Awe thank you soooo much for my Candy Cane!! Merry Christmas to you and hope you are doing well also!!  Yes I am doing great!  We just moved this past month so things have been recently crazy!!  I have been visiting TTR for a bit the last few days though and hope to see ya soon there!!!!  <3

  13. Happy birthday Miche!!  <3

    1. Micheboo


      Thank you Sandy!

  14. Wow, I just downloaded Sim's on this Desktop and realized I haven't played it since March2015!! Lot of upgrades and stuff.. Taking forever to upload but looking forward to playing for a bit since our temporary relocation from our home!!! Finally a little play time!!! Kitchen's look sweet!
  15. I am hoping to attend a few of these on Pawz Auff or Willow when I return from our hunt for our new home during my vacation I am on right now!! We are going again to talk to the group this morning and hope to get a lot of things finalized before we leave to go home tomorrow night!!! If all works out and between my packing up our old home, I will be on for some event play!! See you all soon!!