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  1. Toontown Celebrates Fourteen Years!

    It sure has been a long time, wow! And just to imagine people playing and enjoying the game throughout its entirety is amazing.
  2. Post your Wizard 101 Name, School and Level!

    My Wizard's name is John, and he's a 76 Myth Wizard
  3. Chain of Toons - Hands Across ToonTown

    I don't want to say bye! This is my childhood here! Bah, I'll definitely come if I'm not busy!
  4. ofcourse - he was using protect :)

  5. MotM September 2010

  6. On the 3rd of August, 2010, I have hit 1,00 profile views!! Mods shall now invade my sig!

  7. I am asked to comment, so I will... HI!! :D

  8. What video gamme are YOU playing.

    Starting to try some pokemon mystery dungeon again but I lost the charger to my DS so I can't charge it D:
  9. MotM August 2010

    What everyone is saying, you do deserve it! Again, Congratulations! And good work and good luck on your graphics!
  10. Best And Worst Consoles

    OT: Graphics on the Wii are perfectly fine, people hate on the Wii's graphix because of the Mii channel, which is just there for fun. Some games even use the Miis for their characters, which makes the developer's job less hard and still seem creative. If developers would work harder on their games, they would succeed with game graphics. And I have also heard "games arent long enough on the Wii." That's so they can throw in some Wifi settings (i.e. Super Smash Bros. BRAWL). Favorite: match between Wii and Xbox 360 Dislike: Nintendo 64
  11. (btw just type that in your search bar... lol) vvv

  12. zeldaexplosion1.png

    and why cant I PM you? :P

  13. Ok, I was reading through some posts and I found yours! Have you beaten LoZ : TP yet?

  14. There is nothing good except one thing.. but I am not spoiling the movie

  15. it could have ben longer they skipped many epic fights but the fraphics were unbeatable :)

  16. I used to watch them, then I dont know what happened :D i just stopped but they were very good.. The movie skips allot of things.. When I say allot... like they save 1 village then he learns waterbending LOL

  17. The spongebob ones and Avatar the last airbender (i saw the movie -- it was great! :D)

  18. i really get no comments.. lol

  19. What age group are you in

    ha voted
  20. What Do You Think About Me?

    What do you think about me? I really want to know and really will read the comments you leave! I want to know if I am too annoying, too mean, too nice, to hard.. -- I know I really don't get on TTK as much as I used to, so many members might not know who I am and think of me as a wrong person. I came here to have fun, give help, and receive in return. If I have treated anyone wrong let me know!
  21. The signature: Scooter

    SCOOTER Scooter is my dog toon. Enjoy!
  22. The signature: Susan Storm

    Susan Storm Susan Storm is a character from fantastic 4