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    Updated bio: I'm an animator and am currently finishing up my last year of high school. I tend to dress goth, and my toon currently reflects that. I've been playing this game for more than 10 years now and it has been a huge part of my life, and I will continue to play it until it is impossible to do so. I plan on moving to Germany and going to college there. I also would love to be an animator there and that's my life's dream. I do speak German of course and love to do so :P I still love rock music, and especially when it's sung in different languages. I work, I drive a car, you know do things that most of the players do that have played this game as long as I have LOL. Of course I always find time to play TT, and sometimes it's hard to. #LIFE

    Original bio: I am a artist. I draw cartoon characters and more realistic animals. I'm horrible at humans :( I try at animating with just pictures but fail :D I'm not that popular at school though... :| Fine with me. Love to listen to rock music >:D Almost always on the computer or playing video games lol :) xD Okay... I love to draw my ToonTown characters! I got like over 100 drawings of them :) I'm crazy, weird, independent, usually very mellow and tend to think alot about the past and future... Theres more, but if you have read this... I've probably said enough, cuz most of you probably don't know me. Bye now.

    August 15 2012:
    The name "Black Out" is taken from one of my toons.

    August 24 2012:
    The name "Black Out" is re-approved after the 3rd try.

    R.I.P: Captain Scooter Bagelflinger (9), silver (8),
    Dark Star (7), Black Star (5), Black Out (7),Squeak Lightning (6), September 19, 2013.

    *The number next to each name is how old the toon was,
    in years..


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  1. Will try to come on as much as possible between now and close. Feel free to pm me contact details if you want to stay in touch!