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  1. wont be back on until august 7th. currently at music camp.

  2. Best And Worst Consoles

    It's all opinion based. You say i can't judge it until i own it. I might buy it, but the reason why I originally didn't is because when i tried out both the PS3 and Xbox 360 for about 2 months before deciding which one i wanted, i found the xbox more appealing to me. I'm not sure how you decided to get your PS3 but if you tried out both the Xbox and the PS3 before deciding i'm pretty sure i can see you went with the PS3 on your own personal preferences, or maybe you owned the xbox and got rid of it. i have no idea i'm not judging you on that, i'm just saying my reason is based on facts and opinions that appeal to me, yours appeal to you. this conversation is worthless other than both of us displaying facts that support each persons decision.As for some more facts, I have friends that own both an Xbox and a PS3, not only do they have more games for their Xbox but they also lay their Xbox more often, thus i get to play with my friends more often with an Xbox. Also the makers of Left 4 Dead said they did not want to cross platform the game because of the fact that they would have had to have spent more money on configuring the game to meet with the hardware of the PS3, they said it was mostly graphics which would have had to have their codes completely re-written to match with the PS3 that's why up until Portal 2 no Valve game has ever been released for the PS3. However since valve now has a lot of money from the left 4 dead, half life, and portal series, they are no longer going to make just xbox exclusive game. However, Rooster Teeth has interviewed other lower developers and they have been told that when making the games it's much easier to make an Xbox exclusive because they don't have to worry about making the graphics on the game match the PS3's hardware. Gameplay is generally the same the only difference is that they have to make the controls different, so that's some examples for graphics. However know this, There are some PS3 games that interest me and I might want to get. I have nothing against the PS3 i just like the Xbox better because my friends use it more and i find more fun games for it that are exclusive. Out of all this info i've given you i think there's one thing that popped into my head that everyone has to deal with when they play video games online, so we'll probably agree on this. People. Who. Just. Won't. Stop. Being. Annoying. Over. Their. Mics. Like i said before as based on your comment about people not being able to judge unless they own it. I would reconsider that opinion considering some of us don't have that kinda money to buy a second system just to judge which they like best. that's one thing that annoyed me about everything you said. everything else i just gave facts to prove my theory. not to disprove yours. Oh one last thing that you mentioned about hardware not graphics engines. When Mirror's Edge was made for the PC they used a different engine to be able to allow slightly more interesting action for the game.
  3. Best And Worst Consoles

    1. It wasn't actually, it was disproved to the point where it wasn't major like the PSN. It affected no one's info. 2. it all depends on what your opinion is. 3. no in general, if i get a game i'll throw it away if it stinks, doesn't matter about the graphics. I play a game for the fun, never worry about graphics. graphics shouldn't even be a category in my opinion. so i mean if you care at all about graphics you're not really a true gamer. a true gamer focuses on gameplay mostly, and then worries about stupid stuff like sound and graphics, but if you say "The game supposedly has really good graphics" and buy it off of that, than you should stop calling yourself a gamer. (IMO) 4. Why do you ASSUME that i have never played on a PS3? I have, and i was unimpressed, and i've played it a lot. what gameplay flaws did i point out? I don't remember gamePLAY flaws. I only expressed my dislike for the controller size. It's nothing against it i just have bigger hands and it feels weird to use it. Personal reason. And the games are the games. Yes. I haven't been interested by any PS3 only games. except for little big planet. all the games i look forward to playing are all cross platform or Xbox only. So i'm set personal wise. This is all personal decision so i don't know why in the first place your getting mad-ish. 5. Did you read through some of the stuff you highlighted?
  4. COME BACK TALLY!!!! I MISS YOU!!! and also stealing your pillow. and all those awesome times in the RPG forum.

  5. well you should at least go around and inform everyone to get more active so we can bring this place back.

  6. I don't know. You might have to not include me in these plans you're apparently formulating in that brain of yours. XD But if you eventually help to bring this place back to activity, I might come back. ;) Just, idk if I can help with that first part.

  7. I agree about the subject being taken lightly. It's a serious issue, and how does getting rid of everything help out? It's more helpful to attempt bringing everyone together again. people tend to stay away when there is less activity.

  8. Well, I know that the group of friends that I was with would love to bring it back, but we're all growing up and have no time to do too many outside-of-school activities. In my case, all I have is the summer. :/

    But you're right, only the members can bring it back. Tbh, I think the admins are taking it way too lightly. >_>

  9. would you be interested in bringing back toontask? everyone is pessimistic and focusing on how it's not how it used to be. we can make it what it was, we just gotta spread the word.

  10. Meh. A lot of people have been leaving now. I'm even just lurking now. :/

  11. Best And Worst Consoles

    When it comes to the console it's difficult. I mean PS3 has the best graphics engine but Xbox is just so gamer friendly (Plus they haven't been hacked yet) and it's supported by the makers of RedvsBlue. But if you care about graphics you can't call yourself a gamer IMO because that's just visual not the gameplay. Best: Xbox 360 (Not overrated- it's just better because of halo and left 4 dead.) Worst: PS3 (because it focuses so much on graphics it's defeats the true purpose of gaming which is playing the game and not starring around at every beautiful piece of scenery. PLus it got hacked HAHA!!!) It's still a great system though. Plus i don't like the playstation controllers, they are too small and i feel inferior to Xbox players when holding one, that's why i switched to Xbox. Oh i grew up playing Playstation as well, i just liked the xbox better, it felt more comfortable and my aim has gotten so much better. Might get the PS3 for Little Big Planet though.
  12. i've been very busy with school. and now that it's over i am free to do so much again!!! i missed those fun games with everyone. i kinda miss the whole group of main people that was established. Cloudie, Tally, Solar, tHUNDER (He was never really that talkative).

  13. Hey there, gnirpS! XD How has my partner-in-crime-of-the-Games-and-Activities forum been? :3

  14. this place has sooooooo many memories tied with it. It's sad to see it turn into this, a sort of shrine to the once was.

  15. Just stopping by to say hi.