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  1. I can't make a long sappy post or anything until maybe sometime in August bc these work hours are killing me (I have less than 30 mins before I need to get ready). So, for now I'll just say how shocked and saddened I am by this news. This site has been my life since I was about 10 years old. I have made so many wonderful friends here, and even met my boyfriend, @Rai on here! I still wish there was something I could do to keep this site from closing. I used to come up with all these ideas to get the site active again but I never knew how to implement them. They were only ideas. If only I could have done something. If anyone would like to keep in contact with me, just message me! p.s. idk if it's been mentioned anywhere bc my lack of time to read things on here, but Bailey suggested creating a discord that way we could all keep in touch. I would definitely join it!
  2. Yeah, I've noticed that too... it's really annoying. And I checked doodles in all playgrounds and they all seemed pretty similar to each other. Maybe even their traits too but I'm not 100% certain on that.
  3. You have to buy the tricks from the cattelog. I don't have any yet in mine.
  4. I've been thinking about doing a little mini beanfest in ttc for the little ones that don't have many beans so they can get the doodle of their dreams!
  5. Adopt a Doodle TODAY! Posted by Flippy on April 10, 2017 06:40 PM Toontown, I cannot thank you enough. Thanks to the valiant Toons who searched up, down, and around Toontown -- My pet Doodle, Fluffy, has been FOUND! And that's not all... Boy, have I got a surprise for you. Just this morning, a couple of Toon Troopers managed to lure Fluffy to Toon Hall with a massive amount of jellybeans before he teleported away again. I knew I should have never given him my spare Portable Hole! Seeing my precious pet again was the most excited I've been since I first found the little guy at ToonFest! The excitement didn't end there, however. April Toons Week has ended, but there was enough silliness in the air from our big Doodle Hunt that Fluffy was able to tell me about a land known as "Doodlevania", just off of the outskirts of where we built our ToonFest Grounds! Doodlevania is where Fluffy came from, and he told me all about his friends there who love jellybeans and are very eager to join Fluffy with the Toons of Toontown. He's been wanting to tell me this for MONTHS, but April Toons Week was the only time he could talk! The poor guy even forgot where Toon Hall was after so long. "Let's go, then!", I exclaimed to Fluffy after hearing about Doodlevania. I was ready to put a task force of Toon Troopers together to go find the rest of his Doodle friends, but upon walking out of Toon Hall... There was no need! The Doodles of Doodlevania followed Fluffy all the way to Toontown, and they're ALL in need of places to call home! Toons, Fluffy's friends need our help! If the rest of the Doodles are anything like Fluffy, then I can assure you that a Doodle is a Toon's best friend. Starting TODAY, the Pet Shops have opened and Doodles are up for adoption! The younger Doodles can be found in Toontown Central, who may have a hard time learning tricks, but they're still as cute as a button. Higher level Playgrounds have the Doodles who have already learned how to be silly and can learn how to do tricks much more quickly! They'll require a higher cost of jellybeans to take care of, however. There you have it, Toons. Doodles are officially joining Toontown, and they're here to stay! Talk about an exciting day in Toon History. Now, what are you waiting for? Go out and adopt a Doodle TODAY!
  6. DOODLES!!!!!!

    1. Lotus


      what are you going to doodle? me yes good job

  7. ahhhhh I think I'm starting to get sick.

  8. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
  9. I don't know why but I have a very weird urge to eat this house. Anyway, nice job! I really like it!
  10. Will probably do candy canes again this year but probably only for a week or two. Sorry, y'all! College finals are here!

    1. That Handsome Guy

      That Handsome Guy

      Yay candy canes :)


      And yes I just had my first final today... Good luck on your finals!!

  11. only in the sims can you hire a ghost as an entertainer for your birthday party

    1. Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      You mean I can't get one in real life?

    2. kiki.
  12. I felt the same way for a while, but I kinda got used to it. I do really wish it was possible though. I've always wanted to build my own.
  13. Reminder that the expansion pack is coming out Nov 1 12 am eastern, which means if you're in my time zone, it'll be released at 11 pm tonight. Or 9 pm for y'all west coast people.
  14. Happy Halloween!
  15. I wanna start a small business!

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    2. kiki.


      I though about that too! I'll probably end up doing those as well at some point. I just have a lot of concerns of running a small business. Like, what if I get a lot of orders? How am I supposed to do them all by myself? I'd prefer to be the only employee (besides maybe family) bc I'd like to keep a lot of the money for myself so I can pay bills and support myself bc this job of mine def won't support me!

    3. That Handsome Guy

      That Handsome Guy

      Awesome! Maybe I'll order some soap from you to support you haha :P

    4. kiki.


      Aww thank you!