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  1. Minecraft players Unite!

    +1. Back at the 09 days when I could PM Notch over IRC... --- I coown The Archives, one of the oldest servers in Minecraft history, and is also the first Minecraft Classic server to have Multiworld and fancy features (/cuboid, known as blb at that time) that define features a custom server should have. I also (inactively) maintain Arc, the software that powers The Archives's Classic Server (no longer in operation). I also go on Minecraft-related IRC channels.
  2. Nice to see you back here again :P

    1. Evina


      Yes, I have returned. What have you been doing lately?

  3. Please, no more sweaty and sore chicken! :(

    1. Mo Mo Gigglebubble
    2. Mo Mo Gigglebubble

      Mo Mo Gigglebubble

      That was sooooo funny... I cant believe auto correct sometimes :P

  4. You are welcome. =D

  5. Happy Birthday in 2 places! LOL!

  6. Happy Mother's Day!

    Reminds me of that powerpoint we had 2 years (?) ago.
  7. Minecraft

    I personally run 4 classic servers and 1 SMP (private currently, sorry everyone!) server. I joined the game since September 2010, and I know almost everything about custom classic servers (I develop one), ask me if you want to know more
  8. Hey could u help me in Boys Vs Girls topic XD. Kinda geting pwned XD.

  9. long time no see, and you are already a goon! grats!

  10. News about the Account Move!

    How do I move my account? Simply launch the game using the UK launcher. It will take you to the UK move page. Or go here: http://toontown.go.com/uk-move/get-started What about my True Friends? Things that will NOT be transferred (afaik): -Gardens (?) -True Friends (because of how true friends work) -Bans (the best part ) What about my payments? -Credit cards - Nothing will be changed! -PayPal - You will need to renew manually once the sub ends -ClickAndBuy - No longer supported, when your sub ends you will have to use PayPal or Credit cards to pay Can I still pay with GBP? As long as your sub continues, you will pay with GBP when you renew. However, if the sub is interrupted and you wish to resubscribe, you will need to pay the new US price. How about chat? According to me True Friends chat status is kept but not SpeedChat+. You will need to reactivate SpeedChat+ yourself. How about master and child passwords? They are now parent's account and child's account. Simple follow the steps, you will be guided to a child account creation screen. If you would like to move your toons to the parent account, you will have to contact Toontown support. My toons are all messed up! They are in the wrong account! Get Toontown Support to move the toons to the correct place. I have another question that is not listed here! Just ask below tyteen
  11. End of Toontown Japan

    Nah, it's down. @Abo: It would surely boost the filesize of TT itself, and I have explained why it won't work.
  12. End of Toontown Japan

    They could split them into different servers (I mean servers not districts), have users choose their language and go to the server they want (either English server or local server) But then, Speedchat+ is still a big problem.
  13. MotM April 2010

    Nice one Lefty XD