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  1. It is with deep regret that after nearly 13 years, we have decided that it is time to close the doors on ToonTask. September 27, 2017 will be the be the day that the site finally steps into the dip. The activity of the site has been low for many years & we hoped that the addition of Toontown Rewritten would increase the popularity of the site. However, we know that the use of the Internet has changed over the years and with more social networking in modern times, Forums such as ToonTask have reduced in popularity. We have enjoyed the time that we have spent on the site and the friends that we have made here. We have watched many of you grow from children into the young adults that you have become and we are very proud to have been a part of many of you growing up. This is not the end of the book, but a next chapter and ToonTask is happy to have been a big part of your lives. First, we would like to say thank you to the ToonTask's very first member & creator @LLP. Next, we would like to thank all of the wonderful staff members past and present for all of the hard work and dedication that they have put into the site over the years. We would also like to thank of our 21,050 members who have written nearly 1.5 million posts in over 90,000 topics. Also, a special thank you to the Community Leaders and to the Supporters of the site. Things would have been much harder through the years without the help. Thank you to everybody. It has been a ToonTaskic ride. @Micheboo& @Cool Lefty Electrobrains P.S. It is not normally encouraged, but since this is not a normal situation, If there is anyone that you would like to keep in touch with feel free to send them a Personal Message (PM) asking if they would like to exchange Facebook, Skype, Instagram, etc. so that the friendship that you have made, will not be lost.
  2. This is long overdue Spotlight. Ben has been a very loyal member and moderator for many years now and has patrolled the board without bias. Ben's contributions to the board have been through actively keeping them clean, participating in major TTk decisions, and being an outstanding member and forum contributor. Ben made his mark early after joining Toontask in May of 2007, by quickly moving up the ranks member, to Goon, to Lawbot. He took his position very seriously and modded the board swiftly and sternly. But there is a playful person under all that power. Ben has become much more social in these last years than maybe he was in years prior. Though he takes following the rules seriously, Ben has shown he can still be fun and has a great sense of humor. He has a collection of hilarious images on his profile, a few of which are shown below, be sure to visit his profile to see the rest! He can be found in chat from time-to-time, so be sure to join in and get to know Ben for yourself. He's a great member of staff and an even better person. We all appreciate the hard work he puts in everyday and look forward to continue working with him down the road. This is for you, Ben! It may not fill the hole in your heart, that you reserved for a MotM award, but I hope it comes close! You deserve this more than some people may ever know.
  3. Welcome to Bermuda's little corner of stardom. The man that has done nothing, yet everything, at the same time, at the last minute. His procrastination prowess hasn't gone unnoticed on ToonTask, mainly because he has done nothing but broadcast his laziness as much as possible. Though, this lazy fancy cat is a little too active on ToonTask to be truly lazy... Hmm... (we're on to you) But we still accept you anyway. His long journey began as just a lowly Wiki admin who slowly added to ToonTask's health, but climbed his way all the way up to Goon. It's hard to imagine anyone could out random Memory, but Bermuda is giving her a run for her money. Let the competition for ToonTask's most random member begin! Enjoy your Spotlight this month, because it's the only one you'll get. Embrace it, cherish it, love it. But not now... later. You can love it later. Right now is for napping. Just continue to be ToonTask's second most important yellow duck. You'll have to battle Thunder for the top spot.. After you battle Memory for the randomness honor... later of course. Okay, I've said enough. Thanks for being awesome! (Thanks to Flower for the Screenshots)
  4. I wonder who is going to be next... Let's see some site activity!

  5. I wonder who is going to be next? Let's see some site activity!

  6. Most of you probably know Deja Vu. Long time, dedicated member, who has stuck with ToonTask through thick and thin. He gained his CL status during TTk's lowest time due to his dedication to keep the site afloat. Though he tends to disappear and keep quiet at times, Deja is just as goofy as the rest of the lovable cast of ToonTask characters. Deja's most memorable moment on TTk would have to be, no not his CL promotion, but when he proved that everyone likes tacos. His profile doesn't let on much about who he is other than he's athletic, and likes photography, writes screenplays and is also a huge Football fan. You also may not know his back story, which is dark and scary story which ended in triumph. It can be read here. He has held his own competitions, organized events, and made a real mark on ToonTask. It's because of members like Deja, and all of you that log on everyday that we still have our amazing little community. It also means a lot that we have members that stick around through the years. We'd like to thank him for his donations and love for the site. So, thank you again for all your years of service and dedication! I hope you will continue to grace us with your presents long down the road. Raptor - 115 Laff l Specter - 112 Laff l Pancake Sourspeed - 108 Laff Weezy - 46 Laff l Helping Hare - River Ride
  7. That's right, it's Middie. Our artistic, enthusiastic, ball of joy. Not many members have showed as much interest in the Spotlight as Middie, so it's nice to shine a light on a member that has shown plenty of appreciation for this honor. She came close a few months ago after Memory was awarded the honor when she stole award... coughthiefcough About Middie: i'm tayler! i'm a silly teenage girl who had been playing toontown on and off for almost the entire time it was open. when i found toontask, it was probably the best thing to ever happen to me. if i hadn't joined back in january of 2007, i definitely wouldn't be the person i am now! i love to draw. drawing is my passion! i love monsters inc, lord of the rings, harry potter, homestuck, the legend of zelda, doctor who, bbc sherlock, and so much more! i also like to write, sing, draw, roleplay, play video games, etc... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She is a great member, artist, and person! Don't just take it from me, these are some quotes from those who know her best!
  8. This is a special Spotlight this month. This isn't about her toons, but just about the woman behind the screen. The woman who has dedicated years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, love, ideas, money, patience, and her wonderful personality to our site. Joined back in November 16, 2005, she has been arguably the most dedicated member in all of ToonTask's history, which looking back at all the members we've had through the years, that is saying quite a bit. It takes a lot of love, patience, and time to do all that she has done and stick around through it all. This site may not be as active as it once was, but she was there through it all, back when the site was filled with trolls, and members breaking as many rules as they possibly could. There were events to be planned, posts to moderate, and members to be disciplined. It's tough to run a site with so few active members while trying to keep those few members entertained. Thanks for all the years of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, your friendship. Thanks for being a great friend to each and every member on ToonTask showing us all attention and love. You've been the most influential member in the history of ToonTask and we all appreciate every bit of what you have done for our favorite forum. But don't just take my word for it, these are a few quotes from some of our other members: Thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication. (That's like the 4th time I've said dedication ) And lets hear it from the rest of ToonTask! I want everyone to tell Micheboo how they feel about her! Lets show her how much we really care!
  9. Due to computer issues, the Spotlight will be a day or two late.

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      Seems everyone is having Computer issues. No worries :)

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    3. ~ButterflyWings
  10. Some of you may know her as Flower1470 or as that one member that shares random screenshots from chat. But all of us at ToonTask know who she is, and what she does for ToonTask and for the ToonTown Wiki. Check our her blog which is always good for a laugh or even jump in chat to see it all for yourself. She's been very good to us and it's great to see her still here though all this time and after all this site has gone through. It's because of members like her, that are always socializing and posting, that ToonTask is still alive. Keep spreading your anime and kindness around the site. And she is the first Wiki admin to be Spotlighted so on behalf on ToonTask and ToonTown fans everywhere, thank you for all your contributions to the Wiki! You can sleep knowing you helped a lot of kids and adults with all your work. Getting to know her: Her interests include, but not limited to... -Toontown (previously) -Yu-Gi-Oh! -SETO KAIBA -Wizard101 -Webkinz -Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, etc -Meteorology -Vexillology -Books (pretty much any genre) -American Sign Language
  11. Name: Silly Slippy Join Date: August 16, 2012 Gender: Male Birthday: February 13 Status: Member Extraordinaire Silly Slippy has been a member of ToonTask only a short time but has made an impact on our community just as much as anyone else. Silly loves being random and writing stories on ToonTask. His contributions to the community haven't gone unnoticed and we appreciate all he has done so far. A friend to everyone, Silly Slippy, do not change a thing. Toons! Silly Slippy Pepperhopper l Fat Pancake Picklechomp l Good Ol' Salty Paddlenugget l Weird Waldo Poppenfidget Loud Rusty Cheezyzap l Kit Cat Stories: Saving ToonTown Roxy's Pizza Party Quote We wish all of our members the best and support them down the road. Thanks for everything, Slippy and we hope to see you around for years to come. Your randomness is essential to the health of ToonTask. ** Send your suggestions for the Member Spotlight to me, not members of the staff. Thanks!**
  12. Oooooh Memory. ToonTask and ToonTown addict, suffers from spontaneous random-eous, and has a severe neopet-itis condition. Memory has really broken out of her shell over the past couple of years and has become one of ToonTasks most well known and popular members. Funny. She's actually really funny. If you've never been in the chat room with her, you need to. She's also well known for her incredible artistic skill and graphic design. Big time player in the ToonTask stock market and has been a top 3 wealthiest member since the bean system returned to ToonTask. Memory is an amazing member and we are so glad to have her here at ToonTask! Hopefully she continues to stick around to help continue the lively hood of ToonTask. We need more members like Memory, who are as dedicated and fun who enjoy participating in events. Join her in chat, send her a message, post a comment on her page, just talk to her. Don't try to out random her, you're not going to win. Thank you Memory for all of your hard work and dedication to our community. Don't ever leave us! or else Meet her Toons! Memory Bear Lucy Goosey
  13. Not one of our most active members, but defiantly one of our most tenured members! Rachel joined all the way back in July of 2005 and has been with us ever since, even though she would disappear from time-to-time. She's a very quiet and sweet member who at the same time is very lazy and has an obsession with Nutella, Dr Pepper, and soup. She even claims to be a dancer (she is, and a great one) which most of you may not have known, considering she never mentions it. Ever. In her profile, blog, signature, member title, etc. Rachel has been quiet over the last several months, other than her daily status about the Sims (oh yeah, she's also addicted to the Sims) or dance videos (though she doesn't dance) but her Candy Cane idea was huge and was a great success! And we thank her for that. She even ran (runs?) an art store out of her blog! Check it out. She's still learning but has come a long way with her graphics. Her dedication to the site even when it was low was enough to have her promoted to a Community Leader and you can clearly see why. Thank you for all of your time and dedication to help make ToonTask great. We need more members like you. We hope to continue seeing you in the future. Her toons were Crazy Rainbow and Rainbow Kitty
  14. And our newest Spotlighted Member for the month of December is Cool Lefty Electrobrains! Lefty has done more for this site than most others have and we all owe him, and the rest of the administration team, a huuuuuge thank you! So thank you. He's our fun loving, racing fan, cheese eating, button pushing, super admin. After joining in April 25, 2006, he quickly moved up the moderating food chain. And we couldn't be more proud or thankful here at ToonTask. It's scary to think of where this site may be if it weren't for him and his button pushing, though a few occasions left us in horror and pain. Here's a quick note, if you scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose the little 'Change Theme' button you'll notice a few skins he made. *coughcogtaskcoughdreamtaskcough* Just a little sample of his designing skills. He can do it all. Get to know our 'Serial Button Pusher' admin, you'll be glad you did. Check out his toons! Cool Lefty Electrobrains Cool Lefty Electrobrains (Part Deux) The progress he made just a couple of months before ToonTown closed....