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    I have quit toontask. Thanks a lot for the good times, everyone. Hope to see you on toontown!
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    The Trap And Lure Clan! Leader

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  1. hey love your pic of the stuffed toy toon :P

  2. Well it's your decision, but, I'm not going to really be apart of the guild anymore. I do however appreciate you trying!

  3. I prefer that I was out of it. What's the use of coming up with ideas when I can't even experience how they turn out? I think it will be easier closing it now rather than waiting another month for it to fail again.

  4. ;o Well I really don't think we should bother to rev it. There's only like 1-3 guilds that are somewhat active. I don't really want anyone else running it really, just more guild failing.

  5. Wow Cloudie, you've already managed to change your display like 4 times today XD

  6. Lol sorry if I tried a little bit too hard to answer your question earlier--- I didn't really understand what you were asking, and I got onto my idea of what your question was and just started babbling XD

  7. OOOOOOHHH my bad I wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention o.o Sorry.

  8. No, my cousin paid someone to make it for me as an xmas present. She has one too.

  9. That's where I took the picture from my signature XD

  10. Thanks! :D I actually have a ton of pictures of her all over the place 0_o That's just one of my favorites. Of course, it did come at a cost, I got some VERY weird looks at the grocery store :P

  11. I don't suppose your personal statement is a challenge to mine...:P

  12. Hot Shot Golf Winners!

    WOW! I won something? o.o That's a rare occurence for me...- is completely stunned - Congratulations to all the other winners, and thanks for playing everyone! I really enjoyed it
  13. I have to leave now, sorry. Might be back.

  14. It's fine! :)

    I could meet you on toontown, sure. And the doll was a present from my cousin, who got it from someone who makes them (I would tell you the site but not allowed). It's called Toontown Pie, I think.