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  1. Creepy avie you got there.

  2. Every time I get on there's two or more of me. I guess I'm Clonal Thundercrunch

  3. I'm super grouchy today. I feel like nobody really cares. I probably just had the worst Easter I've ever had. Violet came over but mostly ended up talking about problems. I was invited to join some friends for for a picnic which I did go to but was late. I did the wonderful thing for a holiday and worked on taxes. Last night I just dreamed about owing lots of seperate little taxes on stupid things like talking to a dog in the internet. Feel kind of like I didn't sleep last night. Lately nothing feels worth doing. I don't know how long until I implode. Hopefully something really good happens soon. Maybe soon I'll have a friend I can talk to lol who am I kidding. I really need a good connection soon. I really need to stop having it be where the good things are just temporarily less bad.
  4. It has been far too long since I have given you a headache

    1. Lotus


      why are you multiplying on the thingy on the left

    2. Doctor Dusty

      Doctor Dusty

      Lol as far as you know

  5. I'm going to eat Netflix while I watch Dinner.

    1. Lotus


      My favorite hobby.

  6. You know you're lonely when the most relatable character right now is Samus Aran

    1. Silly Slippy

      Silly Slippy

      So you're a space bounty hunter then?

  7. Are you alright with the hypothetical scenario in which I put Memory and/or Bag in animation?

    1. Memory


      YA!!!!!! i wanna see. is it done yet?

  8. Hope you can come back soon.

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    2. Silly Slippy

      Silly Slippy

      That was a pretty soon soon

    3. Lotus


      It's been 37 years since we've last spoken.

    4. ~ButterflyWings


      Sorry Bermuda, I've been avoiding you

  9. Today is not a good day. So far I've been annoyed by work stood I won't go into, but really it comes from yesterday feeling down and frustrated. It mostly comes down to loneliness. Woot! I like sandwiches with ham and Swiss cheese and honey mustard. Mmmm! Once upon a time, there was a blue duck named Colonel. He had issues, like a lot of issues. He went back and forth between feeling that people kind of liked him and that nobody cared about him at all. Colonel lived with his mom, but had a schedule that made them not see each other so he basically lived alone. He had friends he saw on the weekends but not the rest of the time. He didn't go out most of the time unless invited, he did not get many invited. One day, half of his friends joined the military leaving him behind. Ironically so seeing as how his name was Colonel. Even though they had done no wrong, this brought Colonel to feel even more distressed. His feeling of not being cared for grew stronger. So he lived lonely ever after, the end.
  10. It's February, be ready for doom

    1. ~ButterflyWings


      Sounds exciting  


  12. :);):D Also hi

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    2. Silly Slippy

      Silly Slippy

      Thanks for all the notifications.

    3. Lotus


      It is always Colonel's pleasure.

    4. Colonel Thundercrunch
  13. 2017 is a prime number!