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  1. End of Toontown Japan

    I am sorry for reopening this topic but i was on vaction for almost a month. Dinsey is trying to stream game. Why not having many people from around the woorld playing together is far more fun then diving it up. lIke i said in the past very soon everyone from around the world wil be playing together. GUI can be build to suit all languge from around the world. TTOL isnt thqat complex and if otehr online games have done it TT to.
  2. Important news for UK toons

    Likes like Disney indeed is making a globle server game. Very soon you multi Languges GUI coming from disney as well. If i not mistaking.....Disney is using a different game platform to render test in its possiblity of multi languge GUI.....They been doing testing this for a few years now. I love this Idea.
  3. End of Toontown Japan

    compared to what disney is using now its not that much room as you might think. man power, hardware, etc etc etc cost money! streamlining the the game is more like disney intenstion. I said this many times before otehr onlines games have mult-langugae its all GUI and the data transfer back fro the client to the disney servers. No standardized english would more problem some to the users. Its not the hard of costly to have many different languges running at the same time. Since the best codes are english to start with. Its just text and otehr general game rules that uses very little block space of data transfer.
  4. End of Toontown Japan

    This might be the first step in making a globel TTOL game that have multi languge interface GUI. I use to play on the japanese server but there was not much users on that server. Very soon you see one game with all sort of people from around the world on the same server on tt.........ANd its about time. Many other online games have multi-languge GUI. TTOL isnt that complex and making it globle is the simplest and cost effect way disney can do it. i love it!
  5. ToonTask VP/CFO Fest!

    I be able to make this won I can`t wait
  6. ToonTask VP Fest!

    I do this
  7. End of Toontown

    as i said the before its not hard since its already done but online games. Chinese. Japanese, German, ducth, french etc....... Why is it hard to believe its can`t be done. It exist already with games online with many multi lang chat offering at the same time. About speed chat...well that simple.......... since its in a fixed data base to start the users (ToontownLauncher) languges ( whatever languges its in) can send a sigal to the server asking for that languge translated version of the speed chat used..... The plus speed chat is a little more harder to deal with but then again is exist in the gaming world as we speak now. good questens but not really that hard for disney to fold all the languges. I use a japanese Launcher for otehr games and it had japanese english etc and many many more. fonts are not the problem, its dealing with process of the data flow without delay. What you seem to think is native lang translations at 100% correct. that is not possible. Just like real life translations nothing is perfect.
  8. End of Toontown

    Native languge is a problem. But there are Online games that hold muti country native ( with english being the base )languges. Its really not that hard solves. Since english is indeed the most spoken lang in the world, the interface is buildt around in english codes. Plugin for diff lang can be directed to those acessing the game in the user native lang. You can have a (ToontownLauncher) that coded with mult lang. Its really not new. The data base can be english, acessed from around the world with many different ToontownLauncher lang.
  9. End of Toontown

    When i tired to pay for a non japanese TT account i was getting errors. I finally e-mailed them and stil i idnt get any real answer. Its time for disney to make one globe toon toon for all countries instead of branching asian, europe ect..... maybe its sooner then you think.
  10. Ohayoou gozaimasu

  11. hi little :) nice to meet you :).

  12. I hope you are ok :) I see you soon :)

  13. hi sweetie :) how are you :) i be in game in a little while if your around :)