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  1. I'm leaving. I threw a quick explanation on my userpage, but if you have more questions I would prefer you send me a PM. Hopefully, when chat activity picks up, someone else can do something similar with the new members! That would be awesome. (Random Chat Moments III!! Someone here has to be creative enough for that, haha.)
  2. (Silly Slippy) (~ButterflyWings~) And now, to be eternalized in Random Chat Moments... Blog notes:
  3. (all taken by Silly Slippy)
  4. Blog notes: (Silly Slippy) (~ButterflyWings~)
  5. Special thanks to Butterfly for the beautiful picture now featured on my userpage!! :D (POLAR BEARS)

    1. ~ButterflyWings


      Aww you are very welcome.

    2. Element


      So Beautiful

  6. ooo I need to ask you a question. Are you still on???

    1. Flower1470
    2. ~ButterflyWings


      Okay... are you blonde or brunette (if you don't mind me asking) I need to know for drawing purposes.. but if you don't want to say that's fine.

  7. Looks like the Zexal is back :D

    1. Flower1470


      It never left. It always haunts me. *shivers*

  8. No, I never got any pain from it. I did have trouble focusing, though. If I was reading a book, then looked up across the room at something it would be blurry until my eyes adjusted. My eyes would have to adjust again in order to continue reading my book. It was really weird. Hopefully these glasses will change that.
  9. I've had my glasses for three hours and they're already smudged. Is this what the rest of my life will be like?

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    2. ~ButterflyWings
    3. Flower1470
    4. ~ButterflyWings


      okay its not that bad really. You will be more aware of them so you won't smudge them as much. Its still gonna happen tho.

  10. Yes, that title made me cringe too. Give me a break. It's the best I could think of. This week was supposed to be my last week of the 2014-15 school year. I was expecting anxiety to prevent me from getting my final tests done, but something else knocked me down: a cold. A simple cold confined me to the couch for the past 4 days. I was going to try to push through it, but once my fever skyrocketed, I wasn't getting anything done. It's really frustrating because I'm so close to finishing!! So now I have to drag out these horrible courses another week. Starting 4 months ago, I noticed that my vision was kinda blurry. I found it hard to focus on things far away, especially when using my left eye. It started really bothering me in April. I failed my eye exam at my general doctor's, so they sent me to an eye doctor. It turns out that I'm nearsighted in my left eye, and farsighted in my right eye. I didn't know that was a thing?? I hear people say that they're nearsighted OR farsighted but never one in either eye?? Apparently it's uncommon (I think I'm the queen of uncommon illnesses at this point) and easily fixed with a pair of glasses. I can't complain too much. I just got them this morning and getting used to them is really weird. I didn't realize how bad my vision had gotten until I put them on. I forgot what it was like to have 20/20 vision. My reaction to seeing clearly again with awkward glasses must have been funny because everyone who saw me laughed. Hopefully this headache and clumsiness will go away soon. I grew out my hair for the past two years. I used to get it cut fairly short each summer. Last month, my hair was about 2 feet long... and I think that was the only thing I actually liked about myself. It started getting hard to take care of, so I decided to cut it. I wanted to try something new, and that meant getting most of it cut off. I didn't want to waste all that and I found a nice charity to donate it to. I got close to 1 1/2 feet chopped off. It shocked a lot of people (I got "DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR??" a few times a day lol). I really like it... except the fact that it got wavier than I thought it was. Now I need to straighten it so it doesn't look stupid. It's kinda time-consuming but it doesn't bother me too much. Besides that, my life has been really boring. Since people can barely recognize me now, I feel the need to live under a new name, like I'm a new person. Or is that weird? lol
  11. Boy, do I know this struggle! I tried my best real quick. If you don't like it, I might be able to make a better one tomorrow (unless someone else has better equipment, haha).
  12. "Once I feel better and build up a few weeks' worth of screenshots, this program should resume as normal." There's a negative on both those things.
  13. Happy Mother's Day!!! Or, as it's called in my family, have-the-kids-do-all-mom's-chores day!