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  1. Come baaaaaackkkkkk. :cry: 

  2. LOve the pun to funny
  3. HAIIIIIIIIIIIII! :bye::bye::bye::bye::bye: 

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      hey u guise

  4. Love the Name. Picture is to cute :wub: the picture love it 

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    2. Element


      LOL one wish i can not grant wish I could but there are rules

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      Pokeball go

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      now that may work evil Pokeball 

  5. Missing you, hope you are well :hug: 

    1. Element


      Miss you to. :hug: just super busy 

  6. Loved the story. Of course I love all your stories. Do really like the end is Colonel the hero or villain starting it all. And what all did he end?
  7. I keep getting kicked from chat.  Evilness of chat on phone. So good night 

  8. Don't torture us with the getting on and not posting statuses or blogs or joining chat especially joining chat! We need your input!

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      Now days I just have a few minutes but I will try

  9. Good to see you are still among the living!

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      Thank you! I am still around just loose track of time, days, and it seems months lol hopefully in a few months I will get straightened out.  Miss y'all 

  10. I love love love you avatar so amazing LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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      Sorry If im being stupid, but what has happened to the front page?

    3. Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Temporary hitch, it is a plug in from a developer and it isn't currently compatible with the latest IPS update. The developer is working on it and hopefully, it will be back soon

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      Thank you for answering that, hopefully it will be back soon :)


  11. Been so long since I have enjoyed myself That much. Thank you Chat! And thank you Colonel, ButterflyWing, And Memory for always being yourself. :hug:

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      Come to chat more often please!! :hug: 

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      I hope I can :D 

  12. I agree liking this blog would be odd unless it is just saying hey I read it just not responding lol Thank you
  13. So to say that I am now a non active I guess would be putting it correctly. Since I have been for what seems like forever now. There are reasons I still think about all the wonderful times I have had here on toon task. I miss everyone so much I don't think that will ever go away. I try to check in when I can actually get to my computer. This year has been really odd for me to say the least I don't really know or don't want to believe that it has all happened. So In short As some of you know I have been taking care of my parents and my grandmother for several years now. Well where to start Day after Christmas last year I had to put my grandma dog down she had a fast growing cancer tumor in her hip. March...... I think it was march time is a blur......... Phone call my mothers pulled muscle in her hip was a 8 cm tumor. It had also spread everywhere else I mean everywhere 6 weeks I think my dad says it was 3 but I like to think it was longer. She was gone. I stayed with her the whole time and continued to take care of her till I had to have help. Two weeks later.......... My sweet Frazier (dog) I lost him to. They say he was old but he was not 14 is not old for a dog not at all. So things have been difficult to say the least. My grandma recently went into a nursing home she has been having mini strokes for about a year now. And due to her health going down along with the depression. She could not remain at home with only one person taking care of her. I knew this was right but to hear that I could not take care of her from some one else like that *ouch* So at this point I am having to be a grown up which I really don't like at all. you know bills grocery shopping. all that night mare stuff. because My dad don't know how to do any of it my mom did everything I mean why can't he open a letter with out loosing it. he is starting to get a bit better He actually opened a piece of mail the other day. So in short My life has really changed and I spend most of my time trying to figure out what day it is and where I am going. I hope to find myself again some day. If I am still out there. I am just posting for the ones who are so dear to me I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me that is just UUUGGGGGGG don't like it. And all that stuff it will get better with time Yea don't like hearing that. LOL So if when I am around you notice that I am different or don't participate everything is just really well like I am looking through someone else's eyes. I the forms are like being on another planet to me I hope to get some of my brains back one day and be able to re figure everything out on Toon Task Never forget to give hugs you never know when it will be the last!
  14. Hey So great to see you again :hug: 

  15. HIHIHIHI :smile:

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       Y:sprinklydonut: lol what is sup

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      LOL D:glazeddonut:unts