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  1. Hi PrincessKait1!!

    If you can, meet me in dreamland at nutty summit

  2. Yeah. I am :)

    I recognize you from there too. I love your user name.

  3. Are you from Thebrrrgh?

    awesomee. :)

  4. Yay friendly mushroom! Go avatar!

  5. Maybe it's FRIENDLY! lol nice siggy

  6. Nice sig :D FRIENDLY MUSHROOM >:D

  7. >;[

    I've never associated present day Nintendo with anti-social geeks living in their nerd cave playing video games all day. I associated the playstation and xbox and the games on those systems with that. lol Who knows, maybe some of these games they come up with will be cool. Wii fit is pretty cool. As long as they keep making mario games though, I'm happy. =D
  8. Nintendo DS Stylus?

    Sorry, I'm not the best speller. And I've had a regular DS for a few years now, and ever since I got it the stylus would just slip out while carrying it. I don't know if its just mine, but that's how it is. I didn't "chip it away" eaither. I could buy a brand new stylus and it would fall right back out. My DS lite that I've had for nearly two years is a bit better at holding the pen in.
  9. Nintendo DS Stylus?

    The stylist falls out way too easily from the DS. I suggest, instead of buying new stylists from a game store, go to walmart and get one of their nice pen style stylists that you can attach to the wrist strap of your DS. That way it can't just fall out, and instead of paying 7$ for three you'll loose real quick, you can pay 10 for two that will actually last a while. Plus, if you have a regular DS, you'll have a hard time finding the stylist. Most of what you are going to find is the DS lite stuff.
  10. HI!!!!!!! You are such a dork. :P

  11. Hope u got my PM I saw you with a toon named jake and legendary black cat in ns ttc. on firework cat. i said hee hee cause you uused to be on my friend on the long lost skinny C.W. Chrunchengrooven

  12. I see you on TT all the time!!!!

    Your suit is really good, I wish mine was that good. ;_; LOL

  13. HeeHee! I play my uber all the time!

    Hi zoobler!

  14. hi




    IIts zoobler lol