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    Guitar (music in general),<br />soccer,<br />computers,<br />aviation (hundreds of hours of fsx :P),<br />and toontown.
  1. MapleStory 2012

    I've tried, but no go. /: I'm going to be one of those old annoying players that reminisces on the "good ol' days," but it's how I feel. I remember level 70 being such a huge accomplishment, and now I have more fourth job characters than I'd care to count, and the game is so different. It's no longer about the friends, you know? It's way too much about having the best gear, or the most mesos, or the highest levels. I went back to farming earlier this year. I got up to around 20 billion or so mesos, but ended up selling it and giving it away and quitting. I don't have the heart to delete my characters, but they're pretty nekkid for now. BUT, I'd be happy to help anyone if you guys need it! Advice-wise, anyway. Edit: Went back for a day. Went from nothing to level 70. This game is too easy. ;-;
  2. what in the world...

    Care to tell us when the last time you played was? It would make things easier.
  3. Bellocan?

    Aw, I remember when Bellocan first came out. Sorry though, I'm a Windian x]
  4. Level Up Thread

    ToT is <3 What server do you play in?
  5. Arans.

    yupyup Personally, I find the class boring because it's all about upgrading a basic attack. I love classes like Shadowers and Buccaneers, that have diversity in their attacks.
  6. My $10 MS stuff. :D.

    Sounds like you got scammed, because the 30% Dark Scroll for Bow Attack by itself is worth more than 10m
  7. My $10 MS stuff. :D.

    What kind of scrolls? Perhaps you could get some money from them and buy yourself a decent item.
  8. Level Up Thread

    Actually, 87-92 (technically 85-92, this was started a few levels late) was all on one day, as was 92-99, and 99-104.
  9. Level Up Thread

    Here's a chart for my more recent levels (date and level)
  10. Issue

    Usually my tip would be to uninstall and reinstall, but apparently your mom already did that. lol Anyways, I tried googling your issue and found nothing (nor do I know why it usually says "Analog"), so I can't tell you much. Tell me more about your computer. How much RAM, what OS, what motherboard, how much space on your hard drive, etcetc~
  11. Arans.

    From what I've seen, they have the potential to beat the Corsair's DPS (Which is GMS's highest DPS class). But I, too, much prefer Explorers.
  12. ...Messed up stats?

    I'm saying you'll have 11 leftover points at the end of your second job, which you throw into Holy Arrow. Use one of your points to max Magic Guard and you'll be fine. Sorry for making it sound confusing.
  13. ...Messed up stats?

    Quoted for Truth. Also, Holy Arrow is a useless skill, so just max it then
  14. Cleric question

    This is why you go lukless: Let's say I have an 80 magic attack Maple Shine Wand (level 64). It requires no luck. Now let's say I have a godly level 10x wand, like 150 magic attack. INT and MATK are the same, so to use the 10x wand, that's over 100 points I need to add to luck, for a 70 magic attack boost. If I kept my 100 int that's more attack. This is why you go lukless. Also when you're lukless you get more MP
  15. Crazy Summonings o.o

    It would take like 15 for me