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  1. Hey uhh... in case you see this before the site goes... just wanted to say sorry for how I acted long ago and treat you as if you were bullying me.

    Thought I give some closure between us, even though we haven't spoke in forever. Hope you're doing alright out there... see ya.

  2. I just got accepted into Cornell for my Masters in Economics. 

  3. Storm Chaser was here

  4. Dude, how've you been?

  5. Bluewaters, bluewaters, bluewaters. LOL I had to. Hi :]

  6. You remind me of Spock.

  7. Hey, Stormy! this might be a weird question, but it came into mind... what do you think of poetry? You seem like you'd be good at it (btw, I saw your last topic. I love that song! And Florence + The Machine :3 ).

  8. Wow! Congrats on that shiny record!

  9. Yep. Currently going 6-0 this year. :o

  10. Happy birthday, mate.

  11. Yea, I had to give it to them. They threw in a last minute point that I wasn't able to address since the thread closed.
  12. So do you debate in real life? That's pretty cool if you do.

  13. Hi. So sorry that I have yet to participate in the debate. Had something come up recently and I've not had time to post at all. I'm working on finishing my post up so we can continue on with the debate. Good luck :)

  14. let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor