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    ^^3/27/15 Comment: Ha! These are funny. I should add that I really like ballet now.
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  1. If you were born on Dec 8, 2003, and you joined on Mar 13, 2006, doesn't that mean you were 2 years old when you joined TTK??

    1. Lotus


      That is one smart toddler.

    2. Good ol' Jellyroll

      Good ol' Jellyroll

      Wow I've been here long enough that my joke-age when I joined has almost become a reasonable age for a member of TTK

  2. Okay I am just now realizing that this is an ongoing thing for all of July, and NOT just the first week. <-- Scatterbrain
  3. Look at my great advertising. Okay I did five events give me a prize. Too lazy to upload my own screenshots, but I definitely am featured in others.
  4. Are people still on?
  5. Happy Fourth! Go out and celebrate unbridled consumerism by eating lots and lots of brats with sauerkraut and mustard and basically anything German, because America. Also fireworks and the 1812 Overture! Have a lot of those in your day too.
  6. Probably can't make anything today because it's the Fourth
  7. Good teamwork. Sorry I couldn't make it. Had baseball-related items to attend to today
  8. Wow now I wonder what kind of blog posts my dad has inspired cause he definitely does like boarderline all of that stuff
  9. Okay it's back
  10. TTR is down atm
  11. I gotta peace for a bit but will probably be back around ~4pm Toontown time for CFO/factories
  12. Come VP!
  13. Come fish with us!
  14. Got my merits and bucks!
  15. Bleh got caught up in the city and now am going to dinner with dad. Have fun everyone!