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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. I liek yoru sig ;D

    it's animatedd :D

  3. Pokemon Give Away!

    I'll meet you today in HeartHome City's Pokemon Center to trade!
  4. Build-A-Sellbot Winners!

    Congrats to all the winners!
  5. ToonTask's VP Fest!

    I missed it! But i'm a Level 1 anyway,so that's not a problem.
  6. Save A Building Contest Winners!

    Congratulations Sly K!
  7. Heck yes! You like Animaniacs?

  8. Pokemon Give Away!

    May I please have a Happiny and a Eevee? I'm going to give you my Clefable and my Cherrim in return. My code: Jillian 1676 5376 6900
  9. Baby Blues Comic- December 5,2007!

    I used to have this in my signature! Note: Hammie (the boy) says "S***"! in this comic.
  10. I need help! It said this: "Cherim used Magical Leaf,but it failed!" "Cherubi used Growth!" "The foe Cherubi's Sp. Attack rose!" "Cherrim began to nap." Why is my Pokemon sleeping?
  11. Oh My Gosh, thanks so much!