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  1. IT'S MY 11TH TTK BIRTHDAY :banana:

    1. Ben


      Haha happy birthday!

    2. Lotus


      Happy late birfday

  2. When I eat peeps, I bite the eyes off first ?

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    2. Doctor Dusty

      Doctor Dusty

      The head or just the eyes? Should we be concerned... intervention??

    3. ~ButterflyWings


      You MONSTER! Also, peeps are gross.

    4. Little Spotty

      Little Spotty

      Just the eyes, it takes skill to get them off without biting into the peep accidentally. Peeps are NOT gross! They're okay.

  3. Bacon Poll

    Well my grandma is a terrible human being who I'm not particularly fond of. I would definitely punch her in the face for some bacon
  4. Giving relationship advice to guys on the Internet even tho I've never actually been in a relationship ...

  5. Bacon Poll

    Plain bacon makes me feel sick. I like it on burgers, sandwiches, and salads.
  6. A VP Challenge

    Can't participate, but it sounds insane! Take lots of screenies! another thing you guys can do is the 1-track challenge. Only bring one gag track... And to make it even more difficult, you aren't allowed to tell anyone which track you brought beforehand (or look- no peeking!!) you just have to show up and hope for the best!
  7. Important News from the Toon Council

    Same. I would hate having to do it all again TBH, but at the same time it would be so cool starting fresh with EVERYBODY. A few months ago Runescape re-opened its 2007 servers for those of us who didn't like the "evolution of combat". It was awesome seeing everybody racing to be #1 on high scores and finding out the first people to get 99s in what skill and the first person with what item or what cape, etc. it was just fun to be a part of. I would love it much more with ToonTown. Who got the first maxed suit, who got the first 100 laff, who was the first to get cashbot, blah blah blah. The best part is there isn't a system that keeps track of it, so it would be purely speculation and rumors. "Blue Pig got the first Hollywood suit!!" "What? My friend teddy was the first!" Idk I just like that "What? WHO? WHEN?!?!" Kind of stuff
  8. Important News from the Toon Council

    Disney is evicting their own characters from ToonTown
  9. Important News from the Toon Council

    I feel kinda bad for saying it but yeah, when I first heard of Disney infinity my first thought was "I HOPE THIS GOES UNDER!"
  10. Important News from the Toon Council

    From the very specific terms you're using, I'm guessing you're from the website whose logo is an alien named Snoo. The ration just ended, feel free to post all you want in the "le brave euphoric" sub there, but try not to bring it over here, thanks...
  11. Important News from the Toon Council

    Wouldn't it be cool if so many people started playing again in the last month, that ToonTown decided to stay open? If it closes I will move on, but it will be bittersweet. I still have ALL of my ToonTown cards and a few newsletters! I'm always gonna want to play ToonTown, even when it's gone
  12. Important News from the Toon Council

    Actually, there's a plan to revamp VMK and release it again sometime next month, but I don't know if it's from an official source or not.
  13. Important News from the Toon Council

    When I check new content I go from bottom to top, and read along the way. I read pixie hollow and POTC and thought "what about ToonTown" and completely skipped over this! I can't say I'm surprised, I was fully expecting this. They've given up on the game, it's still unfinished!! I honestly blame the hackers. They couldn't properly work or maintain the game when it was constantly being broken. I DON'T blame club penguin, and I think it's silly how some of you are. Club penguin is a lot easier to maintain than ToonTown, you don't need to be an expert to figure that out I'm sad tho. I was 8 when I began, ToonTown was my very first MMO and my first introduction to the Internet and Internet culture. I stopped playing and started again, I was actually just starting to get my toon maxed out. The past few years have been the absolute worst of my life, and I've desperately wanted to play again and regress back into my childhood, and forget about everything, but I couldn't. Now the game is FREE for about a month and I don't even have a computer or my original account. Fantastic. ToonTown always has and always will be my favorite game, it's sad that such a wealthy company would just throw it away. It had so much potential and could still be the big money maker it used to be, if only they bothered to market it or fix its many many many issues. Aw