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  1. Toontown Celebrates Fourteen Years! Posted by The TTR Team on June 2, 2017 03:00 PM On June 2nd, 2003, Disney's Toontown Online officially opened its doors to the Toons of the world. Some of us may have started playing on that very date -- and some of us may not have even been born yet! Toons young and old, we're inviting you to join us as we celebrate Fourteen Years of Toontown! Toontown has been through a lot over the years. Before Disney closed the game, it had been alive for ten years of outrageous fun -- and a massive amount of pies. Who knew that four years later, Toontown would still be thriving, and about to celebrate what we hope will become its best year yet! At the beginning of 2017, we told you about some of our upcoming plans, and how we were hoping to move Toontown out of beta this year. The big Doodle Hunt was our first initiative to prove to the players that we were serious about this, and boy did we mean it. We're happy to announce that Toontown is fully on track to move out of beta before the end of the year. Since then, our team has been hard at work preparing for ToonFest at ReplayFX 2017, a real world event being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we'll be showing you all of the wonderful things we have in store. It's going to be the biggest and best ToonFest yet -- so big that some of the developers of Toontown Online are attending to meet players just like YOU! Now, now, we'll quit being so sappy. We know what you're wondering: What is in store for Toontown Rewritten this year? We can't reveal you all of the details, but we sure can tell you a few. Here's what we've been working on lately: Our efforts have been focused on closing up any unfinished promises that we've made to you. Parties, improved racing, and plenty of bugfixes are in development and coming soon. Toontown's new website is in progress and will be released at long last! We'll miss you, green street sign. Field Offices are the only feature from Toontown Online that will not be released before the end of beta -- instead, our game designers are currently retooling them for brand new end-of-game content, aiming to be released next year. Toontown will be seeing the first new species in town for the first time since 2008! We have been prototyping the final two species of the vote, and will be bringing you more information about that soon. At ReplayFX 2017, we're putting on the biggest ToonFest show yet. Even if you're unable to attend, you'll be able to follow along right here on the Toontown blog. Mark your calendars and stay TOONed from July 27-30! These are just a few of the things that have been taking up our time, and as we get closer to the convention, you may notice some silence from us. This isn't because we've forgotten you, but because we're busy preparing the important things that will be happening there. You can expect that ToonFest will break that silence! Our goal here at Toontown Rewritten has always been to preserve Toontown and work towards the goal of bringing it back. We took Jesse Schell's advice in 2013 to keep the passion for Toontown alive, and you, as the players, have pushed that further than we ever hoped to be possible. Because of this, today, there is still hope for Toontown's future. We're very excited to move forward with our dreams for Toontown, and we hope that you will support us through it so that we can show Disney how important this game is to us! It's time to blow out the candles, watch the in-game Fireworks, and give a big message to the game we all enjoy: Happy 14th Birthday, Toontown!
  2. Wow! Over 300 name changes

    1. Silly Slippy

      Silly Slippy

      and half of them belong to Bermuda

    2. Storybrooke


      LOOOL.... I liked to change my name alot apaprently back then. Different interests, I guess. IDK LOL

  3. I have just been looking through some old posts. It is amazing to see how you have all grown up

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    2. Storybrooke


      hello sir 

    3. Cool Lefty Electrobrains
    4. Subaru Akehoshi

      Subaru Akehoshi

      i like to look through my old posts every now and then with my friends and laugh at how awfully cringe-y they are LOL

  4. Tax Tricks and Pet Tips from the Resistance Rangers Posted by Toon HQ on April 15, 2017 07:00 AM Looking for ways to avoid paying taxes? We've got seven tricks for you: Jump, Beg, Rollover, Backflip, Dance, Speak, and Play Dead! It's that time of year again, but this isn't just a regular Tax Day Mega-Invasion. These Cogs are trying to take away our Doodles! ATTENTION ALL TOONS: A MEGA-Invasion has Begun! Number Crunchers are taking over Toontown!!! The Cogs can't stand when Toontown gets something silly, and you can bet your britches that they aren't happy about the new pets that are bringing us so many laughs. They've sent in the Number Crunchers to retaliate, but luckily, we have a secret weapon... The Resistance Rangers! Lord Lowden Clear, leader of the Toon Resistance, has given the command to release the Resistance Rangers to roam the streets of Toontown. All throughout the weekend, you may see these purple-clothed pie-tossers running around to help Toons in battle against the Number Crunchers. That's not all: Our Doodles are here to help! Check out your "SOS" panel and call your Doodle if you need some assistance in battle. They'll try to do a trick to keep you Tooned-Up! We've managed to secure the following districts from the Number Crunchers, but we'll need your help to fight the back the others: Toontown needs YOUR help. Call your Doodle, find a Resistance Ranger, and fight back the Tax!
  5. Nor do I, but I had a Doodle in a CFO today which already had Dance & it worked
  6. How do I get my doodles to do something other than jump?
  7. Good idea, maybe Bermuda can come and get some beans and Daxi can come and get some friends Need to see if I have any to give out
  8. My first 2 Doodles for my main 2 toons Doodad as it was the name of my original Doodle & Teaky because I thought it was great to go with Tea Tee Kay Lefty
  9. Happy New Year everybody
  10. Just caught my first ever Shiny Pokemon :o)

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    2. Cool Lefty Electrobrains
    3. Lotus




      I love Lycanroc Midday form. I have one on my team.

    4. Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      Cool Lefty Electrobrains

      This one is a midnight form. I have a midday one, but not shiny

  11. Simply Having a Wonderful Snowball Fight Posted by Flippy on December 26, 2016 07:00 PM On the twelfth day of winter, Toontown gives to you: The Great Snowball Fight, A most Toontastic Christmas! Surlee's lost package?, Cheerful Christmas costumes, A VERY big blizzard, Twice your gag experience, Wacky winter carols, AND A MEGAAAAAA COG INVASION! (bum bum bum...) A Brrrgh-sized blizzard, Eight New Toon Species, Trees and lights o'plenty, And a holiday packed with very merry news! You know what it's time for, Toontown. Although the weather outside is frightful, us Toons in Toontown find ways to make it delightful! We have a big tradition here, and that's getting together with your friends and family on the day after Christmas to have the BIGGEST Snowball Fight our town has ever seen! Slappy Quackintosh, my formidable foe in the Toon Council Presidential Election who grew to become one of my best friends, started out with this tradition long ago. He would be proud to know that to this day, we're still hosting his grand snowball spectacular! We've been trying to track down Slappy ever since his disappearance, as the rightful President of the Toon Council. Every lead that Lord Lowden Clear has found has led to a dead end, but we will never give up until we find that duck. The Cogs have him somewhere in their corporate empire along with Team LHAAFBBHQ, and they don't want us to have him. Our song is finally complete, and at long last Toontown's Twelve Days of Winter is coming to a close! Over the next few days you'll be able to enjoy ALL of the wonderful gifts that have been given over the past twelve days. In the spirit of Slappy, it's my great honor to say these final words to wrap up this spectacular year of Toontown's 12 Days of Winter: Let the Great Toontown Snowball Fight COMMENCE!
  12. Have Yourself a Very TOONTASTIC Christmas! Posted by Flippy on December 25, 2016 03:00 PM On the eleventh day of winter, Toontown gives to you: The most Toontastic Christmas! Surlee's lost package?, Cheerful Christmas costumes, A VERY big blizzard, Twice your gag experience, Wacky winter carols, AND A MEGAAAAAA COG INVASION! (bum bum bum...) A Brrrgh-sized blizzard, Eight New Toon Species, Trees and lights o'plenty, And a holiday packed with very merry news! Merry Christmas, Toontown! It's Flippy, President of the Toon Council, here to wish you the happiest of holidays and great greetings to Toons far and wide! No matter how you celebrate, today is a great day to take the joy you have and use it to bright up someone else's big day. I've been travelling all around Toontown today to different districts, witnessing Toons spread the Christmas cheer. I've seen Toons making friends just to give them gifts, jellybeans flying through the sky at Christmas day beanfests, and even I myself gave some of the Toons I met jellybeans with the challenge that they must use them to give gifts to their friends! All throughout this holiday season, us folks here at the Toon Council have given you gifts every day. Now it's your turn to give gifts to someone else, whether in Toontown or not! Yesterday wrapped up the last of Alec Tinn's announcements for New Species Candidates, and you'll be able to vote for your favorite once the New Year comes! Although they're not in Toontown yet, you can bet your britches they're celebrating Christmas too. We've got one more gift left for you tomorrow to wrap up Toontown's 12 Days of Winter, a tradition that we've had ever since Slappy himself started it. Have yourself a very, merry, extraordinarily TOONTASTIC Christmas, Toontown!
  13. Will Surlee be Home for Christmas? Posted by Doctor Dimm on December 24, 2016 02:00 PM On the tenth day of winter, Toontown gives to you: Surlee's lost package?, Cheerful Christmas costumes, A VERY big blizzard, Twice your gag experience, Wacky winter carols, AND A MEGAAAAAA COG INVASION! (bum bum bum...) A Brrrgh-sized blizzard, Eight New Toon Species, Trees and lights o'plenty, And a holiday packed with very merry news! QUACK! This is an emergency worse than the time I attached jumper cables to my shoelaces! I'm in search of my colleague, Doctor Surlee. He left Loony Labs earlier, and I can't find him anywhere. I need his assistance in calibrating this Silly Sprocket! The last time he went missing like this was... EUREKA! I've discovered the cause, Toons. Today is Christmas Eve! That monkey always goes missing on Christmas Eve, as sure as the grape juice stains on my lab coat. I used to blame his absence on last minute shopping, but say... If you ask me, I think he's out there for a different reason, and using the mailbox as an excuse. The Doctor is brilliant, but he can certainly be confusing sometimes. He's up to something silly, I tell ya! Anyway, if you see Doctor Surlee on Toontorial Street just let him know that Dimm was looking for him. Wish him a Merry Christmas too, while you're at it. He usually sticks around until tomorrow. Oh, also, I wasn't supposed to write this blog post. I just happened to see the editor on Sir Max's computer and deleted all of the text except for this bottom stuff to make room for my Missing Toon Report. I'll let you read the end of his post, which I'm sure wasn't nearly as important as mine. Dimm OUT! ... Toon Candidate: DEER Jellybean Flavor: Berry Favorite Activities: Prancing, Crossing streets Favorite Places: Goofy Speedway, The Forrest Position: With newly paved crosswalks, Deer hopes to put an end to Toons being unknowingly ran into by Cogs while crossing the streets of Toontown. With that, the final New Toon Candidate has been announced to wrap up possibly the best blog post that I, Sir Max, have ever written. I know that story of how an elf and I saved Christmas with a Hot Chocolate powered wrapping machine was insane, but it's definitely the newest addition to the Sir Max List of Good Ideas! It's officially Christmas Eve, which means you better be on your best behavior since Santa Toon is coming tonight. Have a wonderful night, Toons, and a magical Christmas morning!
  14. Have a Holly Jolly Outfit Posted by Shockley on December 23, 2016 02:00 PM On the ninth day of winter, Toontown gives to you: Cheerful Christmas costumes, A VERY big blizzard, Twice your gag experience, Wacky winter carols, AND A MEGAAAAAA COG INVASION! (bum bum bum...) A Brrrgh-sized blizzard, Eight New Toon Species, Trees and lights o'plenty, And a holiday packed with very merry news! HO HO HO! We're just two days away from Christmas! Don't let my outfit fool you -- it's me, Shockley, one of the Toon Troopers. I'm no Santa, but I've been standing on the corner of Loopy Lane today jingling a bell to collect donations for Toons in need. It feels good to give! It's that same spirit of giving that's compelling me to tell you about two secret codes that you can use to spread your own holiday cheer. Open up your Shtickerbook, navigate to the Options page, and type in "coming-to-town" for an exclusive Santa outfit, or "on-the-shelf" to dress yourself up like a little elf. That's not all, though. Starting today, Goofy's Gag Shop has started selling Festive Gags that will surely show those Cogs how to have themselves a merry Winter Holiday. Keep your eye out for them. Now, here is today's New Toon Candidate. There's only one left to be announced tomorrow! Toon Candidate: COW Jellybean Flavor: Grass Favorite Activities: Mooing, Chewing, Playing the Cowbell Favorite Places: Pastures, The Milk Aisle Position: As the new Toon, Cow will use executive connections over at the Cattlelog to lobby for cheaper items. Speaking of cattle -- have you done your Christmas shopping yet? As the Toon Council gives you all of these gifts, don't forget to send some gifts to your friends from the Cattlelog! I hope that you enjoy these very merry outfits! Be on the look out for Winter Accessories also popping up in your next Cattlelog.
  15. If Chipmunk won, how many would get called Chip, Dale, Alvin, Theodore or Simon?