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    Oh where oh where has my Nuttytoes gone? oh where oh where can she be? With her ears cut short and her tail cut umm... short. Oh where, oh where can she be?

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  1. ayyyyyyy girl

    1. !~*Fancily Crazy*~!

      !~*Fancily Crazy*~!

      wow fumble went way back to like this


  2. HIHIHIHIHI?!?!?!?

    1. !~*Pricelessly Crazy*~!

      !~*Pricelessly Crazy*~!


      Accidentally started typing soup xD

    2. !~*Fancily Crazy*~!
  3. *stalks* :D

    1. !~*Pricelessly Crazy*~!

      !~*Pricelessly Crazy*~!

      I was wondering why i was being notified for comments, I forgot all about this!!!! Such a noob -.-

  4. Hope all the dads had a great day! I took my dad shopping...with his own money Hahaha what did you all do for Fathers Day???
  5. YOU ARE ON! O:! O:! O:! O:! O:!

  6. Karl is a Koala...what more would I need to remember him :P. How are you?

  7. Heyyy. Hahaha you still remember him? :D

  8. Nutty!!!!! I just saw your signature and remembered Karl the Koala!

  9. Happy Birthday :) Reaching the golden age, after that you're just old! :P