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  1. It's been a while but happy birthday! :)

  2. Heheheh. My name is on the top of the Toon Platoon in Nuttywood.

  3. Question

  4. It bothers me when I hear a Toon say "LOL" several times separately. The talking sound makes it more annoying.

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    2. King of Crazy

      King of Crazy

      ^ I was that person who did it 10 times in a row LOL!

    3. KayLovesYouALL!


      I just turn off my TT sound :P

    4. ~ButterflyWings


      Thats why I don't have my sound on. :P

  5. Toons shouldn't get credit for using sound if all the cogs are lured.

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    2. The Dusty Pig

      The Dusty Pig

      Actually, I've seen sound miss lured cogs. It was kind of strange... They were all elephants though... We all used $10 bills to lure the four cogs, then we used elephants, they all missed.

    3. Superscooter


      That is because Sound is not physical, Pig.

    4. SlyCooperFan1


      Superscooter, I'm pretty sure drop is physical. :P

  6. Lol. I spent the whole day trying to find out what I did wrong until I read that the "account" was the website. It's a pretty common error message. I wish they would change the wording.

  7. Just got a 30 day membership and Whole Cream Pie on Little Ernie!

  8. I was trying to find a Flunky, gave up and tried to go to another district, and I noticed that Nutty River was open. While I was teleporting, there was a Flunky behind me. I disconnected afterward. >.

    1. King of Crazy

      King of Crazy

      Yep! Been there done that, not hte disconnect part, but the whole leave and then see the cog you wanted appear.

  9. I just encountered a hacker, and he was very obvious.

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    2. Crazy Spotty Beaniecrumbs

      Crazy Spotty Beaniecrumbs

      First, he ran around using the SpeedChat phrase "You won't be coming back.", and then repeated the messages "We Steal and sell Toons" in one speech bubble. He then went up the steps, but at the end, he continued to go up. After someone teleported to him, he went down and said "YOU JUST GOT DESTROYED". Afterward, he disappeared.

    3. BluePaw


      Did you get a screen shot?

    4. Crazy Spotty Beaniecrumbs
  10. It's the end of the universe if Nutty River is empty... ._.

    1. Tricky Go MOO

      Tricky Go MOO

      These hackers are ridiculous..

    2. OceanViolet


      Sometimes I wonder if they have anything better to do with their lives

  11. And You Too Can Become A Power Ranger!!

    The last one's my favorite.
  12. I'm reading some of my older posts. Wow, sometimes I decided to ignore grammar completely, even though I did use grammar on the earliest posts.

    1. King of Crazy

      King of Crazy

      As I've said to others, welcome to the club!

  13. If you search for "Toontown forums" (without quotes), ToonTask is on the third or fifth page. Wow.

    1. SlyCooperFan1


      I remember when it was on the first or second page.

  14. Blog Post Concerning New Features And Skins

    Cool, I was wondering if we were going to get some of those sections back.