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  1. Happy Birthday... wish you were still active. :(

    1. T3h M33pst3r

      T3h M33pst3r

      Though this is a year late and a half late, thank you~

  2. MotM November 2010

    Though I don't know you personally I know enough to know you deserve a congratulations ;D baaad-dum-tch
  3. I'm baack, for a while anyways, revisiting TT for a month and see how things are. C9

  4. Yayy if you're back then I can talk to you! xD

  5. Too many leetle people on tis team!

  6. Aha, I haven't been here in like, forever. I just came here randomly just to see how TTK was doing. *shifty* XD Anyway, how's it going/anything new?

    (Also, win at the TF2 reference ='3)

  7. Oh my, I haven't talked to you, in like, forevur :o

  8. Sure am! It should go through everybody's head at some point! :D

  9. Fffff, your avatar made the entire opening to Animaniacs run through my head. I hope you're happy. TwT