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Live Chat on toontown uk website always off..

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Kiim    242

i need to contact toontown asap! and i have emailed them so many times but they dont reply.

i try to click on the Live Chat but its always closed, even when it says its meant to be on..

does anyone know why??

please help :/


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I went there and the live chat works fine for me - I just told them I was testing to see if it worked and logged out on them.

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Kiim    242

really? :/

what time did you try the live chat?

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I think the UK website Live Chat is discontinued for the subject of the UK Account update.

You need to go here:

The Live Chat is available on Wednesday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time, which is 5:30pm to 0:30am GMT.

But this is of course only possible for members that have a subscription, as you are led to the login page first. However I think there is a trick to get around it. Try this link.

You can also email them at for requests about your UK account. However I agree they are really poor with their support about it. See the mail exchange below that I had formulated for an austrian friend just a couple of days ago. Of course I removed all the real details about email addresses and account IDs here.

Dear Toontown member support,

Me and my adult son are the account holders of two former UK accounts and we forgot our user IDs.

We want to migrate them into the US system.

They are registered on and

We know we need to use

as the address to move.

And I tried to retrieve my password on the account ID that I remember yyy1 but no email about the password has arrived when I tried. It also failed with the user ID yyy2 that I believed was correct.

I can tell you Toon IDs according to my old log files:

My UK toon Little Waldo Superdoodle (yellow rabbit) had 131 laff and the toon id yyy1.

My UK toon Azrael (black cat) had 129 laff and the toon id is yyy2.

My sons UK toon Little Ziggy Wildsocks (blue dog) had 124 laff and the toon id yyy3 and

Black Night (black cat) had 108 laff and the toon id yyy4

Pehaps that helps you to identify the account ID and you could inform me and my son about how to proceed on the migration.

Our currently paid member IDs on US are <accountid1> for me and <accoundid2> for my son

Thank you,


They replied within a day but you can really tell they do not read the mail properly!

> Hello <name>,

Thanks for writing us today.

With the information provided I was able to locate an account under your email address 'email1<' with the username "accoundid1". I was also able to locate an account under the other email address provided '' with the username 'accountid2'. Please go forward using these account IDs as they both have semi-annual recurring memberships.

Live Chat is also available Wednesday through Sunday, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. To reach Live Chat, go to, click Contact Us, and then click Live Chat. You will be asked for some information about your account, and then you will be connected with a technical representative.

We look forward to seeing you in Toontown again soon!


Toontown Online Member Services

So I told my friend to send this in return, and we're waiting for an answer on this for 4 days now!

Hello Toontown support,

As I told you we both - my son and me - have created new US accounts. We have these account IDs you told us and we know them.

But we want to have access to our former toons from the old UK accounts, I thought that was clear? Please check if you can find them, all the information I provided in my former mail, see below.

It can be really painful to contact them and get help. See the chat logs I had about this issue below.

At first I wanted to know if it is worth the effort to get my friends old accounts migrated from UK to the US system, so that they would be getting their toons transferred. I went on Live Chat about to get this clarified. Another friend of mine got her toons transferred, but her old account was already migrated, so I wasn't sure if they really still do these transfers.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Nelson'

Fräulein Trixie: Hi Nelson

Nelson: Hey there, Fräulein Trixie!

Fräulein Trixie: I guess you can help me as well as Chase could help my other friend just a couple of minutes ago

Nelson: Okay. I'd be happy to help, Fräulein Trixie.

Fräulein Trixie: I only have a couple of questions on behalf of a friend who asked me for helping him out.

Fräulein Trixie: This friend started a new US account together with his (adult) son

Fräulein Trixie: but they both used to have UK accounts until 2 years ago or something

Fräulein Trixie: if they are able to retrieve their login data and perform the move via

Fräulein Trixie: will they be able to get those toons from their old accounts on their newly created accounts?

Fräulein Trixie: Chase just did that for my other friend.

Fräulein Trixie: but that friend had already performed the move

Fräulein Trixie: and only forgot her ID

Nelson: Actually, by updating the Account to US Account, the Toons should be transferred automatically.

Fräulein Trixie: well you cannot transfer them into an existing account

Nelson: If your friend migrates to a US account and doesn't see the Toons, your friend may come on in to Live Chat.

Fräulein Trixie: you would have to transfer / migrate them into a new account id

Nelson: Correct. It's done automatically when they log into their Account.

Nelson: There will be a migration process for them.

Fräulein Trixie: well not automatically into their new accounts that they have already made (and they are paying for )

Fräulein Trixie: we will need your help to get the toons transferred I guess

Fräulein Trixie: is that correct?

Nelson: When a Guest logs into an Account that is not US, there should now be a process that is automatically started.

Nelson: That process should migrate their current Account to a US Account.

Nelson: At that time, the Toons should be transferred automatically.

Fräulein Trixie: i know that

Fräulein Trixie: but that will be a new US account then

Nelson: Correct.

Fräulein Trixie: so my friends will have 4 accounts then if they are able to retrieve their old parent login data

Nelson: And the Toons should be moved to the US Account automatically.

Nelson: Do they have 4 Accounts now?

Fräulein Trixie: no they have 2 new paid accounts already

Fräulein Trixie: and 2 old UK accounts which are not migrated yet

Fräulein Trixie: and they would love to play with their old toons

Nelson: The old Toons are on the UK Accounts?

Fräulein Trixie: yes

Fräulein Trixie: how could they be on the new accounts when they are old toons?

Nelson: Okay. The Toons should be automatically transferred to the new Accounts when they Migrate the UK Accounts.

Nelson: The migration will create new US accounts.

Nelson: So yes, they will have 4 Accounts.

Fräulein Trixie: exactly. and then we will need your help to get the toons transferred?

Fräulein Trixie: like Chase just did for my other friend

Nelson: Okay. After the Migration to the US Accounts, we will be happy to Transfer from US to US Accounts.

Fräulein Trixie: this was the answer that I was waiting for. You made my day.

Nelson: Haha.

Nelson: Sorry it was so confusing.

Fräulein Trixie: Well my friends day, too. As I am going to copy that to my friend, living in Austria

Nelson: Awesome!

Nelson: Hello from US!

Nelson: May I help with something else today, Fräulein Trixie?

Fräulein Trixie: have a nice day, thank you Nelson

Chat session has been terminated by you.

Then my friend said their main problem is that that they forgot their old User IDs or the ones they remember would not work. I went on Live Chat again, and it was awful to get somebody who wasn't willing to help when I said that I am asking on behalf of them.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Thomas'

Fräulein Trixie: Hi Thomas!

Thomas: Hi Fräulein Trixie!

Thomas: How are you?

Fräulein Trixie: its probably not possible to talk to Nelson now?

Fräulein Trixie: because I talked to him before.

Thomas: I am sorry but he is not available right now.

Thomas: How can I help you?

Fräulein Trixie: ok. to give you a short overview of what the problem is. I am asking on behalf of my Austrian friend, who wants to migrate two accounts from former UK Toontown

Fräulein Trixie: but he forgot his user IDs.

Fräulein Trixie: I can tell you the email the account was registered.

Fräulein Trixie: I can tell you one or several Toon IDs on this account: <toonid1> is for Little Waldo Superdoodle

Thomas: I see, unfortunately, we do not discuss other Toons accounts here in Live Chat. We will need your friend to come speak with us directly.

Fräulein Trixie: well, his English is not so well so he asked me to help out

Fräulein Trixie: I can also come back in here and state that I am him. You would not notice

Fräulein Trixie: Nelson was happy to help me earlier by the way.

Fräulein Trixie: I just would like you to email the account holder and tell him his user ID. He is sure it was <userid1> but when he asks for a password it does not arrive on his email

Fräulein Trixie: and he always used this email

Fräulein Trixie: he would like to migrate his old accounts (there are two accounts even) to US. He is already having two paid accounts in US right now but would like to continue with his former toons he played so long with and that havent been migrated yet.

Thomas: I am sorry but we can not move forward with this. I am going to be putting a note on your account regarding this chat.

Thomas: We can not transfer or talk about other peoples accounts in Live Chat.

Fräulein Trixie: well, you often did that in the past when I was requesting help for my German friends who are not able to express their requests in english language

Fräulein Trixie: they trust me

Fräulein Trixie: i dont want anything from it. i dont even want information about the accounts from you

Fräulein Trixie: but you could mail the account holder, couldn't you?

Thomas: I am sorry but we can not continue chatting about this topic.

Fräulein Trixie: so you just leave my friends in the uncertainty?

Fräulein Trixie: or I will have to write a mail for them?

Thomas: Unfortunately, we only have support in english, we need to speak directly to the account holder. I am not able to talk further about this account. I am going to end the chat now to help fellow Toons in need.

Thomas: Have a Toontastic day.

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

I thought, 'Jerks, how do they know I am not him? He could be sitting next to me!' Yeah it was perhaps a little silly to be truthful about my own identity, but perhaps I only just got to the wrong person who was having a bad day. I went on it again, this time stating I was him.

You are now chatting with 'Anthony'

Anthony: Hello again.

<Name>: Hi Anthony!

Anthony: What can we help you with?

<Name>: I have two accounts in the former UK registered on <>

<Name>: and I just cannot remember the User ID.

<Name>: I believe it was <userid1>

<Name>: but when I ask for password retrieval, I dont receive a reply on my mail. And I always used that mail.

<Name>: I can tell you a toon ID on that account if that helps you to identify the account

<Name>: becuase I still have my old logfiles from UK

Anthony: <Name>, you have already discussed this issue with Thomas, coming back into chat and speaking to someone different is not going to get you a different answer. In fact this can be considered abuse for the Live Chat service and action can be taken on your account.

<Name>: hmm

<Name>: So you cannot help me?

Anthony: Have a nice day.

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

Frustrating, really.


Fräulein Trixie


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Kiim    242

oh wow, thank you :) !

i managed to get into the live chat and my problem was sorted ! :)

sorry about your friends though! its sad to see that they cant even perform such a simple task, without revealing ANY info to you. a bit pathetic really.

Edited by k ii m z_ Liek Candyy* x

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Thanks for your reply. Glad you got it solved.

My friend and his adult son got their toons transferred from their old UK accounts meanwhile. But we had to be patient and communicated through mail via My friend and his son had to provide three major infos to identify that they are the owners of the accounts:

  • Email address that was used to create your account.
  • Date of birth that was entered on your account.
  • Full mailing address that was entered at the time of purchase.

They even gave hints about the email address, read below.

As a hint, we have two email addresses on file for this account. One email address starts with 'p', and ends with ''. The other email address starts with 'a', and ends with ''.

which I found funny, but of course helpful for my friend. The support ticket was resolved a couple of mails later

> Hello ######,


> Thank you for your patience while we attempted to transfer your Toons.


> We were able to successfully transfer the Toons 'Little Ziggy Wildsocks', and 'Black Night' from the deactivated UK account ‘b######’ to your new US account ‘a######'. You should be able to access these Toons by logging into 'a######’ starting right away.


> I hope that you have a great time on your new US accounts. If there is anything else that we can assist you with, let us know.


> Sincerely,

> Jenelle

> Toontown Online Member Services

> <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>

> Ticket ID: ######

> <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>


Fräulein Trixie


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Goshi    0

If it can help for someone else who have problems with Disney, all old 'deactivated UK account' should still be available with username ttuk1_oldaccountname with same old UK password. At least it should let you play the time disney accepts to help.

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