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Happy birthday toontown

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Goshi    0

Salut les toons,

Le 22 juin c'est l'anniversaire de Toontown France. A cette occasion, Toontown vous invite à vous rendre au district de Folleville, à Toontown Centre, devant la boutique à gags de Dingo pour faire une photo de tous les toons présents. Ca se passera de 17h à 17h30 GMT+1 alors soyez là.



Hello toons,

The 22nd of june, it's the french birthday of Toontown. For this occasion, Toontown invite you to go to the Folleville District, in Toontown Central, front of the Goofy shop to do a photograph. It will be at 5PM until 5:30PM GMT+1.


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Goshi    0

That was a fake invitation :o :o :o

They didn't take any picture :(

Here is the official picture :


And here are some unofficial pictures :



THERE IS NO REAL TOONS ON THE OFFICIAL PICTURE !!! :( :( :( :( It's just an edit !!! Pffff :(

Edited by Cesar Superpop

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