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France TT

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Spring_Toon    0

I feel so bad for France TT you guys dont have lvl 7 gags. I just got the free version and i saw only 6 gag slots. :(:(:(:( that must be realy hard to deal with considering that almost every other toontown has it.

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Rosie Posie    0

I was playing France TT the other day and ya i noticed that too!!!!!! THat really stinks. but it was so cool playing french tt because I sorta kinda knew what they were saying but not really lol

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CL-Skyler.    193

'Tis very sad,

but it must be even sadder for those

on the late German server, they never even

had a chance to see the new playground. :[


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Informatical Bump:

Well, the German is already dead. They can't get a Playground without a Server (Toontown).

As for the Level 7 Gags. I dont think Japan does have any Level 7 Gags nor Lawbot and Goofy's Speedway. So US/UK/SEA is the only Toontown with Level 7 Gags. ;)

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