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Member Spotlight April 2014

05 Apr 2014

Posted by The Spotlighter in Front Page



Some of you may know her as Flower1470 or as that one member that shares random screenshots from chat. But all of us at ToonTask know who she is, and what she does for ToonTask and for the ToonTown Wiki. Check our her blog which is always good for a laugh or even jump in chat to see it all for yourself. She's been very good to us and it's great to see her still here though all this time and after all this site has gone through. It's because of members like her, that are always socializing and posting, that ToonTask is still alive.


Keep spreading your anime and kindness around the site. And she is the first Wiki admin to be Spotlighted so on behalf on ToonTask and ToonTown fans everywhere, thank you for all your contributions to the Wiki! You can sleep knowing you helped a lot of kids and adults with all your work. 

Getting to know her:

'ello there! Welcome to my userpage-thingy!

~I'm a homeschooler in highschool (with ASL being my favorite subject)
~I live in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region of the USA
~I'm an admin on the Toontown Wiki
~I have a younger sister and a younger brother
~I play both Wizard101 and Webkinz
~I love Yu-Gi-Oh! (and, from what I've watched, all of its spin-offs)
~I have one dog, eight ducks, and fourteen chickens
~I'm a perfectionist
~I read all sorts of books
~I got my main toon (Lily Butterfly) to 116 laff before Toontown closed
~I dream of becoming a meteorologist in the future
I'm sure I'll add more to this later, lol

I'm on chat occasionally during the evening. You can also PM me or leave a message on my Toontown Wiki talk page.

Her interests include, but not limited to...

-Toontown (previously)
-Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, etc
-Books (pretty much any genre)
-American Sign Language



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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

17 Mar 2014

Posted by Micheboo in Front Page


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Member Spotlight March 2014

01 Mar 2014

Posted by The Spotlighter in Front Page


Name: Silly Slippy
Join Date: August 16, 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 13
Status: Member Extraordinaire
Silly Slippy has been a member of ToonTask only a short time but has made an impact on our community just as much as anyone else. Silly loves being random and writing stories on ToonTask. His contributions to the community haven't gone unnoticed and we appreciate all he has done so far. A friend to everyone, Silly Slippy, do not change a thing. 

'Ello jello! I'm Silly Slippy, your average wacky toon! I'm very random and I love to write stories. Of course considering I change my name a lot, you may have seen me as The Soupy Visor, Silly Slippy Is A Bunny, Silly Spooky Pepperhopper, Silly Stuffed Turkeyhopper, Silly Slippy Giftgrabber, or Almost Silly Slippy. Yup, I'm those weirdos.

I'm a big Nintendo fan - I love playing Mario and Pokemon, and other stuff like that. I have both the Wii U and 3DS, and their predecessors (Wii and DS Lite). I also like watching Minecraft videos, but I've never actually played the game. Yeah, weird, I know.

One day in Summer 2011, I was looking for some new games to play and on the Disney website, I found ToonTown. So I signed up, and made my first toon, Silly Slippy Pepperhopper. I remember it took my forever to finish my ToonTown Central tasks, but yeah. I picked Toon-Up there. I also met a really good friend, Deputy Fangs Dynoflinger, who no longer plays ToonTown unfortunately. Sometime during my TTC run, I got my first ever membership, and at some point, made four other toons, Fat Pancake Picklechomp, Good ol' Salty Paddlenugget, Weird Waldo Poppenfidget, and Loud Rusty Cheezyzap. I also remember my first Halloween, it was the first holiday I was ever at, so Halloween on ToonTown holds a special place in my heart.

Anyway, by the time Halloween rolled around I was in Donald's Dock, and there I got Drop.

Moving on to Daisy Gardens, I was already getting my Sellbot Suit prior to actually getting there, so I think by the time I was through my ToonTasks, my suit was already long in my possession.

When I got to Minnie's Melodyland in February 2012, I maxed Throw and Squirt, finished my first VP battle, and once I finished my tasks, I earned Sound in March.

Afterwards I headed to The Brrrgh, and just a month later, I beat the dreaded Lil Oldman ToonTask and got my final gag track, Lure.

Then it was Donald's Dreamland - the only thing that stood between me and the Cog Headquarters was a single playground. In that time I did a lot of cool things.
In May, I caught the Devil Ray and maxed Sound. In September, I managed to scramble together all the parts to my Cashbot suit. In February 2013, I completed my first CFO battle. In June, I reached 100 Laff. In August, I maxed Toon-Up. And in September, I finished my Donald's Dreamland tasks and got my Lawbot Suit!

After that.... well, after lots of Front Threes and help from awesome friends... the Bossbot suit is mine and all my tasks are done!





Silly Slippy Pepperhopper   l   Fat Pancake Picklechomp   l   Good Ol' Salty Paddlenugget   l   Weird Waldo Poppenfidget

Loud Rusty Cheezyzap   l   Kit Cat





Saving ToonTown

Roxy's Pizza Party


What do you call prehistoric police?






We wish all of our members the best and support them down the road. Thanks for everything, Slippy and we hope to see you around for years to come. Your randomness is essential to the health of ToonTask. 


** Send your suggestions for the Member Spotlight to me, not members of the staff.  Thanks!**

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